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Critical Interventions in Theory and Praxis

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The volumes published in the Series will be devoted to current interventions in theory and its application. Issues addressed will engage with questions like the place of the human sciences in the age of technology; cultural studies and their implications for literature; the interface between science and philosophy; the teleology of Theory as a new topos; environmental and ethical issues in education; relations between globalised knowledge and indigenous sources of inquiry; identity debates in democracies and other forms of governance in both east and west; the role of media in relation to epistemies of violence; and reflections on the destiny of humankind. This, however, is not exhaustive, and the Series welcomes creative interventions on similar lines.

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Media and Utopia History, imagination and technology

Media and Utopia: History, imagination and technology

1st Edition

Edited By Arvind Rajagopal, Anupama Rao
June 13, 2019

Collective political projects have become ephemeral and are subject to radical forms of erasure through cooptation, division, redefinition or intimidation in present times. Media and Utopia responds to the resulting crisis of the social by investigating the links between mediation and political ...

Democratic Culture Historical and Philosophical Essays

Democratic Culture: Historical and Philosophical Essays

1st Edition

Edited By Akeel Bilgrami
September 03, 2013

A collection of essays by distinguished scholars, this book delineates a substantial conception of democracy, the great promise as well as the pitfalls of a democratic mentality and culture. These essays go beyond the institutional and formal descriptions of democracy to its underlying cultural ...

The Virtual Transformation of the Public Sphere Knowledge, Politics, Identity

The Virtual Transformation of the Public Sphere: Knowledge, Politics, Identity

1st Edition

Edited By Gaurav Desai
April 05, 2013

This book explores how new media technologies such as e-mails, online forums, blogs and social networking sites have helped shape new forms of public spheres. Offering new readings of Jürgen Habermas’s notion of the public sphere, scholars from diverse disciplines interrogate the power and ...

Reconsidering Social Identification Race, Gender, Class and Caste

Reconsidering Social Identification: Race, Gender, Class and Caste

1st Edition

Edited By Abdul R. JanMohamed
November 29, 2011

This volume investigates how four socially constructed identities (race, gender, class and caste) can be rethought as matrices designed to accumulate various kinds of socio-economic values and to translate and transfer these values from one group to another. Essays in the anthology also ...

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