1st Edition

Critical Issues in Ecotourism

ISBN 9780750668781
Published April 23, 2007 by Routledge
464 Pages

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Book Description

Critical Issues in Ecotourism seeks to shake the current stagnant literature on the subject of ecotourism out of a state of complacency. Drawing upon emerging insights provided by pre-eminent scholars in the field it identifies and comprehensively addresses current critical issues. Accessible to both academic and non-academic audiences, it provides the reader with the following:

* A critical, direct and hard hitting analysis of the real issues that apply to the field of ecotourism
*Contributions from prominent international scholars that address issues of relevance to a diverse and international readership
* Dissemination of the scholarly works of social and natural science addressing this field
* A collection of works by outstanding international scholars, in a comprehensively planned and integrated book

Incorporating rigorous scientific insights in specialised fields of research, for example, identifying and protecting critical habits where tourists engage with endangered species, Critical Issues in Ecotourism is an important and ground breaking contribution set to expose the increasingly mythologized field of ecotourism.

Table of Contents

1 - Ecotourism: Competing and conflicting schools of thought by James Higham; Part I. Generic issues in ecotourism; 2 - Definition paradoxes: From concept to definition by Peter Björk; 3 - Ecotourism as a western construct by Erlet Cater; 4 - Ecotourism and Global Environmental Change by Stefan Gössling; 5 - Ecotourism, energy use and the global climate – widening the local perspective by Susanne Becken and Matthias Schellhorn; 6 - Ecotourism and biosecurity by C. Michael Hall.; 7 - Ecotourism: Pondering the paradoxes by James Higham and Michael Lûck; 8 - Against the current: Striving for ethical ecotourism by Agnes Nowaczek, Cesar Moran-Cahusac and David Fennell; 9 - The role of sustainable tourism in international development: Prospects for economic growth, alleviation of poverty, and environmental conservation by Megan Epler Wood; 10 - Ecotourism and gender issues by Regina Scheyvens; 11 - Ecotourism, CSR, and the fourth dimension of sustainability by Pam Wight; Part II. Critical issues in ecotourism policy, planning and management; 12 - Scaling Ecotourism: The role of scale in understanding the impacts of ecotourism by C. Michael Hall; 13 - Defining critical habitats: The spatio-ecological approach to managing tourism-wildlife interactions by James Higham and David Lusseau; 14 - Ecotourism and wildlife habituation by Eric Shelton and James Higham; 15 - Ecotourism and biodiversity conservation in Asia: Institutional challenges and opportunities by Janet Cochrane; 16 - Indigenous ecotourism: Conservation and resource rights by Heather Zeppel; 17 - Indigenous perspectives on ecotourism in Nepal: The Ghale Kharka-Sikles and Sirubari experience by Sanjay K. Nepal; 18 - China: Ecotourism and cultural tourism: Harmony or dissonance? By Trevor Sofield; 19 - Ecotourism certification: Potential and challenges by Xavier Font; 20 - Negotiating the obstacles: Owner/operator perspectives on ‘nature’ tourism in New Zealand by Anna Carr; 21 - Critical issues in ecotourism: Which school of thought should prevail? By James Higham

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