1st Edition

Critical Perspectives on Linguistic Fixity and Fluidity Languagised Lives

Edited By Jürgen Jaspers, Lian Malai Madsen Copyright 2019
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This volume offers a critical perspective on current views on linguistic fixity and fluidity in sociolinguistics and highlights empirical accounts alternative to prevailing trends in the field. Featuring accounts from a broad range of regional contexts, the collection takes stock of such terms as "polylingualism", "metrolingualism" and "translanguaging" to question perceptions around multilingual and monolingual language use. The book critiques the status of fluid language use as a more "natural" language practice and in turn, its greater potential for corresponding social transformation, demonstrating the value of linguistic fixity and the continuous debate between fixity and fluidity in multilingual speakers' lives. In providing these accounts, the book seeks not to advocate for linguistic fixity or fluidity, but to argue that sociolinguists pay close attention to the way both types of linguistic practice open up or close down avenues for social transformation. This collection is a key reading for graduate students and scholars in sociolinguistics, multilingualism, and linguistic anthropology.

    Chapter 1: Fixity and Fluidity in Sociolinguistic Theory and Practice

    Jürgen Jaspers and Lian Malai Madsen

    Part I: Negotiating Fixity

    Chapter 2: Recognizing Languages, Practising Languaging

    Janus Spindler Møller

    Chapter 3: Languagised Repertoires: How Fictional Languages have Real Effects

    Katharina Ruuska

    Chapter 4: Lingoing and Everyday Metrolingual Metalanguage

    Alastair Pennycook and Emi Otsuji

    Part II: Pursuing Real Languages

    Chapter 5: Carving out breathing spaces for Galician. New speakers’ investment in monolingual practices

    Bernadette O’Rourke

    Chapter 6: Transformative Multilingualism? Class, Race and Linguistic Repertoires in Hong Kong

    Kara Fleming

    Chapter 7: The Symbolic Organization of Languages in a High Prestige School

    Thomas Rørbeck Nørreby and Lian Malai Madsen

    Part III: The Meaning Potential of Fluid Language

    Chapter 8: Inarticulate Voices: Translanguaging in an Ecology of Conflict

    Panayiota Charalambous, Constadina Charalambous, and Michalinos Zembylas

    Chapter 9: Speaker Perspectives, Linguistic Hybridity, and Language Learning

    Ursula Ritzau and Lian Malai Madsen

    Part IV: Dilemmas and Dialectics

    Chapter 10: The Deliberative Teacher: Wavering between Linguistic Uniformity and Diversity

    Jürgen Jaspers

    Chapter 11: Register Processes in Contemporary South African Schools:

    Dialectics of Fixity and Fluidity

    James Collins and Lara-Stephanie Krause

    Chapter 12: Discussion: The Elephant in Every Room.

    Rob Moore


    Jürgen Jaspers is Associate Professor of Dutch Linguistics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium.

    Lian Malai Madsen is Associate Professor of the Psychology of Language at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.