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Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

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As the world economy enters the new century it is undergoing the most dramatic structural changes since the Second World War. These are marked by:

* the emergence of regional trading blocs in Europe, Asia and in North America
* the transformation of the former socialist economies
* the creation of a new world trading system with an emphasis on freer trade
* the continuing emergence of East and Southeast Asia as the world's most dynamic economic regions.

Each set contains a comprehensive new introduction by a leading expert in the field, and a selection of key material arranged according to major themes. The Critical Perspectives are an essential resource for those interested in the changing global economy including economists, policy makers and students of international business and international relations.

Sets in preparation include
The Growth Economies of Asia
Service Industry.

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The World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization

1st Edition

Edited By Debra Steger
July 10, 2014

With a membership of 160 countries, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is the international organization with responsibility for the global rules of trade between nations. Its stated principal function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably, and freely as possible. Established ...

Pensions and Pension Funding (4 vols)

Pensions and Pension Funding (4 vols)

1st Edition

Edited By Martin Sullivan
August 15, 2007

For more than fifty years, pensions have been the subject of academic enquiry and controversy. Debates have raged over, amongst other things, the need for pensions, the means by which they might be delivered, their implications for the public finances, their impact on an individual’s employment ...

Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation

Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Drysdale, Takashi Terada
May 10, 2007

The Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum was established as a regional grouping in 1989 to deal with the issues arising from growing regional interdependence. Its stated aim is to build ‘a prosperous Asia-Pacific through free and open trade and investment’ and it now has twenty-one ...

Health Economics

Health Economics

1st Edition

Edited By Anthony Culyer
February 26, 2007

Health economics is one of the fastest growing sub-disciplines of economics and is probably the one that has most engaged with neighbouring disciplines, such as epidemiology and bio-statistics, to solve some of the more intractable problems confronting healthcare systems around the world. The ...

Taxation Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

Taxation: Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

1st Edition

Edited By Simon James
July 05, 2002

Taxation, of one sort or another, can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization, indeed, it might be argued that taxes are the price of civilization. This set reprints classic articles on taxation such as Adam Smith's Canons of Taxation, alongside more contemporary articles on modern ...

Industrialization Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

Industrialization: Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

1st Edition

Edited By Patrick O'Brien
May 14, 1998

The processes of industrialization have played a major role in the development of modern society. This set draws together a broad range of material, to provide a unique reference collection of the most important writings on this seminal subject. Industrialization is viewed as a global phenomenon, ...

The Transition to the Market Economy Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

The Transition to the Market Economy: Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

1st Edition

Edited By Junior Davis, Paul Hare
March 25, 1997

This collection draws together the most significant writings on the economics of transition. Although there are a wide range of examples from different countries and industries, the focus is on analysis of the key issues. These include:* macroeconomics and stabilization* liberalization and the ...

Privatization Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

Privatization: Critical Perspectives on the World Economy

1st Edition

By Piotr Jasinski, George Yarrow
September 20, 1996

This title is the first in the Critical Perspectives on the World Economy series. With a new introduction by the editors it brings together the most significant contributions on privatization including material on the philosophical and historical context.Specific subjects covered include:* ...

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