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Critical Political Economy of South Asia

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At a time when countries of the South Asian region are in a state of flux, reflected in far-reaching economic, political and social changes, this series aims to showcase critical analyses of some of the central questions relating to the direction and implications of those changes. Volumes in the series focus on economic issues and integrate these with incisive insights into historical, political and social contexts. Drawing on work by established scholars as well as younger researchers, they examine different aspects of political economy that are essential for understanding the present and have an important bearing on the future. The series will provide fresh analytical perspectives and empirical assessments that will be useful for students, researchers, policy makers and concerned citizens.

The first books in the series cover themes such as the economic impact of new regimes of intellectual property rights, the trajectory of financial development in India, changing patterns of consumption expenditure and trends in poverty, health and human development in India, and land relations. Future volumes will deal with varying facets of economic processes and their consequences for the countries of South Asia.

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Exchange Rates and Merchandise Trade in Liberalised India

Exchange Rates and Merchandise Trade in Liberalised India

1st Edition

By Suranjali Tandon
June 14, 2019

This book examines the linkages between exchange rates and India’s merchandise trade since the 1990s. It looks at India’s trade in the post-liberalisation period through its two main components: commodities and trading partners, and provides a bird’s eye view through aggregate analyses accompanied ...

Women, Health and Public Services in India Why are states different?

Women, Health and Public Services in India: Why are states different?

1st Edition

By Dipa Sinha
April 25, 2019

Why are inter-state differences in human development in India so high? What explains regional patterns where overall the southern region has some of the best human development outcomes in the country while the states in the northernheartland have the worst? In addressing these important questions, ...

Industrial Policy Challenges for India Global Value Chains and Free Trade Agreements

Industrial Policy Challenges for India: Global Value Chains and Free Trade Agreements

1st Edition

By Smitha Francis
March 19, 2019

This book looks at the debates on global value chains (GVCs) and free trade agreements (FTAs) as springboards for industrial development in developing countries, especially India. It connects the outcomes in GVC-led industrial restructuring and upgrading to industrial policy choices in trade and ...

Global Players and the Indian Car Industry Trade, Technology and Structural Change

Global Players and the Indian Car Industry: Trade, Technology and Structural Change

1st Edition

By Jatinder Singh
September 04, 2018

This book is one of the first critical analyses of the automobile industry in India. It studies the sector in general and the passenger car industry in particular, and provides valuable insights into the operation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies in a technology-intensive industry under...

Labour Law Reforms in India All in the Name of Jobs

Labour Law Reforms in India: All in the Name of Jobs

1st Edition

By Anamitra Roychowdhury
March 29, 2018

Labour market flexibility is one of the most closely debated public policy issues in India. This book provides a theoretical framework to understand the subject, and empirically examines to what extent India’s ‘jobless growth’ may be attributed to labour laws. There is a pervasive view that the ...

Pharmaceutical Industry and Public Policy in Post-reform India

Pharmaceutical Industry and Public Policy in Post-reform India

1st Edition

By Reji K. Joseph
November 28, 2017

This book examines the impact of economic reforms in India on the pharmaceutical industry and access to medicines. It traces the changing production and trade pattern of the industry, research and development (R&D) preferences and strategies of Indian pharmaceutical firms, patent system ...

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