1st Edition

Critical Psychology Praxis Psychosocial Non-Alignment to Modernity/Coloniality

Edited By Robert Beshara Copyright 2021
    178 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    178 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This collection of chapters advances critical psychology by incorporating praxis (theory and practice) and decolonial streams of thought. They are united around a theme of psychosocial non-alignment to modernity/coloniality.

    Bringing together a transdisciplinary range of authors from around the world, this edited volume weaves together a spectrum of complex arguments and perspectives to lay the foundations for bridging the Global North–South divide in critical psychology through solidarity and dialogue. The book’s central argument is to emphasize praxis and transdisciplinarity over disciplinary fundamentalism. Psychology is only a starting point and not the end goal of critique in this book; incidentally, some of the authors are not even psychologists. Instead, the book draws on decolonial theoretical resources, such as Chican@ Studies, Black Male Studies, and Critical Pedagogy, to complement traditional theoretical resources like psychoanalysis, Marxism, poststructuralism, and feminism.

    This groundbreaking text is suitable for scholars and upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students studying critical discourse, the psychology and philosophy of post-coloniality, conceptual and historical issues in psychology, as well as anthropology and sociology courses engaging with action research.

    1. Ten Concepts for Critical Psychology Praxis (Robert K. Beshara)
    2. Understanding and Challenging Literary Gentrification in New Mexico: A Concept in Parts (Patricia Marina Trujillo)
    3. Subversions of Subjectification (Hans Skott-Myhre and Kathleen S.G. Skott-Myhre)
    4. The End of Knowing as Critical Praxis (Practical-Critical Activity) (Lois Holzman)
    5. Looking (Out) for New Masters: Assessing the Bar between Lacanianism and Critical Psychology (Michael J. Miller)
    6. Psychology as Business and Domination: Challenging the Colonial and the "Import-Export" Model (Serdar M. Değirmencioğlu)
    7. Blessings from the Tewa Sunrisers of the Santa Clara Pueblo (Rachel Begay)
    8. The Creation of the Viable Unheard of as a Revolutionary Activity (Fernanda Liberali, Valdite Pereira Fuga, and José Carlos Barbosa Lopes)
    9. Student Resistance as a Praxis Against Neoliberalism: A Critical Analysis of Chilean Public Education from 1980 to 2020 (Silvana S. Hernández-Ortiz and María-Constanza Garrido Sierralta)
    10. Critical Deconstruction of "East meets West": The Lesson from Hong Kong (Fu Wai)
    11. Decolonizing the Intersection: Black Male Studies as a Critique of Intersectionality’s Indebtedness to Subculture of Violence Theory (Tommy J. Curry)
    12. Between Critical (World) Psychology and Transdisciplinary Praxis (Robert K. Beshara)


    Robert K. Beshara is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Humanities at Northern New Mexico College, USA and Director of the Critical Psychology certificate program at The Global Center for Advanced Studies, Ireland/USA. He is the founder of criticalpsychology.org, a free resource for scholars, activists, and practitioners. He is also the author of Decolonial Psychoanalysis: Towards Critical Islamophobia Studies (Routledge, 2019).