1st Edition

Critical Readings in Translation Studies

Edited By Mona Baker Copyright 2010
    528 Pages
    by Routledge

    528 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Critical Readings in Translation Studies is an integrated and structured set of readings that is prospective rather than retrospective in orientation. It provides students with a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in thinking about translation, both within and outside translation studies. Designed to be the most student-friendly volume available, this reader:

    • Covers all the main forms of translation: oral, written, literary, non-literary, scientific, religious, audiovisual and machine translation

    • Uses a thematic structure: topics covered include the politics and dynamics of representation, the positioning of translators and interpreters in institutional settings, issues of minority and cultural survival, and the impact of new media and technology

    • Incorporates key approaches to conceptualizing translation: from textual and philosophical to cultural and political

    • Includes core material from renowned scholars, but also innovative and less well-known work from scholars both in related disciplines and in the non-western world.

    Complete with full editorial support from Mona Baker, including a general introduction as well as detailed, critical summaries of each of the readings, a set of follow-up questions for discussion and recommended further reading for each article, this is an essential resource for all students of translation studies.

    Part 1: Politics and Dynamics of Representation  1. 'The Concept of Cultural Translation in British Social Anthropology', Talal Asad  2. 'Packaging "Huda": Sha’rawi’s Memoirs in the United States Reception Environment', Mohja Kahf  Part 2: Modes and Strategies: The Language(s) of Translation  3. 'Writing Between the Lines: The Language of Translation', John Sturrock  4. 'Translation as Cultural Politics: Regimes of Domestication in English', Lawrence Venuti  Part 3: Text, Discourse and Ideology  5. 'Discourse, Ideology and Translation', Ian Mason  6. '"Poru Ruta"/Paul Rotha and the Politics of Translation', Abé Mark Nornes  7. 'Reframing Conflict in Translation', Mona Baker  Part 4: The Voice of Authority: Institutional Settings and Alliances  8. 'The Registration Interview: Restricting Refugees’ Narrative Performance', Marco Jacquemet  9. 'The Interpreter as Institutional Gatekeeper: The Social-linguistic Role of Interpreters in Spanish-English Medical Discourse ', Brad Davidson  10. 'Translating the Bible in Nineteenth-Century India: Protestant Missionary Translation and the Standard Tamil Version', Hephzibah Israel  Part 5: Individual Voice and Positionality  11. 'The Translator’s Voice in Translated Narrative', Theo Hermans  12. 'Ideology and the Position of the Translator: In What Sense is a Translator ‘In Between’?', Maria Tymoczko  13. 'National Sovereignty versus Universal Rights: Interpreting Justice in a Global Context', Moira Inghilleri  Part 6: Minority Issues: Cultural Identity and Survival  14. 'The Cracked Looking Glass of Servants: Translation and Minority Languages in a Global Age', Michael Cronin  15. 'Locating Power: Corsican Translators and Their Critics', Alexandra Jaffe  Part 7: Translation in World Systems  16. 'Consecration and Accumulation of Literary Capital. Translation as Unequal Exchange', Pascale Casanova  17. 'Towards a Sociology of Translation: Book Translations as a Cultural World-System', Johan Heilbron  Part 8: The Making of Literary Traditions  18. 'Pharoah’s Revenge: Translation, Literary History and Colonial Ambivalence ', Samah Selim  19. 'Translation’s Challenge to Critical Categories: Verses from French in the Early English Renaissance', A.E.B. Coldiron  20. 'Engendered by Translation: Modern Japanese Literature, Vernacular Style, and the Westernesque Femme Fatale', Indra Levy  Part 9: Translation and War  21. 'Translation in Wartime', Vicente Rafael  22. 'War, Translation, Transnationalism: Interpreters in and of the War (Croatia, 1991-1992)', Zrinka Stahuljak  Part 10: Changing Landscapes: New Media & Technologies  23. 'Machine Translation and Global English', Rita Raley  24. 'Translation in the Age of Postmodern Production: From Text to Intertext to Hypertext', Karen Littau  25. 'A New Line in the Geometry', Eric Cazdyn


    Mona Baker is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Manchester, UK.

    'This volume represents a much needed break from the canon that currently defines – but also restricts – the scope of translation studies. Read Venuti to see where we have come from; read Baker to see where we are heading.' - Stuart Campbell, University of Western Sydney

    '...there is a rich source of information for any student of translation or interpreting in this volume. The complexity of translation which Baker often refers to is manifest in the different contributions.' - J.A. Foley, Assumption University, The New English Teacher