1st Edition

Critical Realism and Marxism

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines the relationship between critical realism and Marxism. The authors argue that critical realism and Marxism have much to gain from each other. This is the first book to address the controversial debates between critical realism and Marxism, and it does so from a wide range if disciplines. The authors argue that whilst one book cannot answer all the questions about the relationship between critical realism and Marxism, this book does provide some significant answers. In doing so, Critical Realism and Marxism reveals a potentially fruitful relationship; deepens our understanding of the social world and makes an important contribution towards eliminating the barbarism that accompanies contemporary capitalism.

    1. The marriage of critical realism and Marxism: happy, unhappy or on the rocks? 2. Five ways in which critical realism can help Marxism 3. Critical realist arguments in Marx's Capital 4. What kind of theory is Marx's labour theory of value? A critical realist inquiry 5. Capitalism, regualtion approach, and critical realism 6. Critical realism: beyond the Marxism/post-Marxism divide 7. Materialism, realism and dialectics 8. Dialectic in Marxism and critical realism 9. Developing realistic philosophy: from critcal realism to material dialectics 10. From spaces of antagonism to spaces of engagement 11. The spectral ontology of value 12. Abstracting emancipation: two dialectics on the trial of freedom


    Andrew Brown, Steve Fleetwood, John Michael Roberts