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Capacity The History, the World, and the Self in Contemporary Art and Criticism

Capacity: The History, the World, and the Self in Contemporary Art and Criticism

1st Edition

By Thomas McEvilley
December 01, 1996

G. Roger Denson brings singular insight to Thomas McEvilley's writings. As an art writer he has explored similar territory, but from the point of view of a nomadic ideologist. His approach matches that of his subject. He addresses the issues of pragmatism, historicism, and cultural relativism. In ...

Art History as Cultural History Warburg's Projects

Art History as Cultural History: Warburg's Projects

1st Edition

By Richard Woodfield
February 28, 2001

This book focuses on Aby Warburg (1866-1929), one of the legendary figures of twentieth century cultural history. His collection, which is now housed in the Warburg Institute of the University of London bears witness to his idiosyncratic approach to a psychology of symbolism, and explores the ...

Difference / Indifference Musings on Postmodernism, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage

Difference / Indifference: Musings on Postmodernism, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage

1st Edition

By Moira Roth, Jonathan D Katz
October 01, 1998

First Published in 1999. For the first time gathered together in book form, here are the influential writings of Moira Roth-articles, lectures, and inter­views-on the two men who for so long embodied the very spirit of the avant­garde, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage. For almost thirty years Duchamp ...

Looking Back to the Future 1990-1970

Looking Back to the Future: 1990-1970

1st Edition

Edited By Penny Florence, Griselda Pollock
June 01, 2000

In this selection of recent essays, Pollock insightfully engages all major areas of contemporary theory, especially focusing on sexed subjectivities, post-colonialism and Marxist-informed history. In her commentary, Penny Florence places Pollock's critique of modernism, art history, and criticism ...

Music Inside Out Going Too Far in Musical Essays

Music Inside Out: Going Too Far in Musical Essays

1st Edition

By John Rahn, Benjamin Boretz
March 01, 2000

John Rahn's prolific activities as a composer-theorist-teacher, inventor of computer sound-synthesis software, editor of Perspectives of New Music during the 1980s and 90s, and author of an exemplary text on atonal theory are conspicuously in the foreground of the academic music-intellectual world....

Art and Ventriloquism

Art and Ventriloquism

1st Edition

By David Goldblatt
November 10, 2005

This exciting collection of David Goldblatt's essays, available for the first time in one volume, uses the metaphor of ventriloquism to help understand a variety of art world phenomena. It examines how the vocal vacillation between ventriloquist and dummy works within the roles of artist, artwork ...

England and its Aesthetes Biography and Taste

England and its Aesthetes: Biography and Taste

1st Edition

By David Carrier
November 01, 1998

First Published in 1999. John Ruskin (1819-1900), Walter Pater (1839-1894), and Adrian Stokes (1902-1972) represent three generations of English aesthetes whose writings have transformed art history and the formations of museums as we know them. They are three great writers in a distinctively ...

Media Research Technology, Art and Communication

Media Research: Technology, Art and Communication

1st Edition

Edited By Michel Moos, Marshall McLuhan
November 01, 1997

Herbert Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) received his PhD in English literature from Cambridge University and taught in the United States and Canada. He is best known, however, as the founding father of media studies. McLuhan was Director of the Center for Culture and Technology at the University of ...

Looking In The Art of Viewing

Looking In: The Art of Viewing

1st Edition

By Mieke Bal, Norman Bryson
March 01, 2001

Mieke Bal is one of Europe's leading theorists and critics. Her work within feminist art history and cultural studies provides a fascinating alternative to prevailing thinking in these fields. The essays in this collection include Bal's brilliant analyses of the: Myth of Rembrandt Imagery of ...

Framing Formalism Riegl's Work

Framing Formalism: Riegl's Work

1st Edition

By Richard Woodfield
March 01, 2001

Alois Riegl (1858-1905) was one of the founding fathers of modern formalist criticism. As a member of the Vienna School of Art Historians, he shared their range of interests in the decorative arts, art in transition, conservation and monuments. This collection of critical essays examines various ...

Information Subject

Information Subject

1st Edition

By Mark Poster, Stanley Aronowitz
May 01, 2001

First Published in 2001. In this collection of essays and interviews, Mark Poster examines theoretical approaches and develops his own position on our information based society. He contends that new communications media disrupt and transfigure the way identities are constituted in cultural ...

Footnotes Six Choreographers Inscribe the Page

Footnotes: Six Choreographers Inscribe the Page

1st Edition

By Elena Alexander, Jill Johnston, Douglas Dunn, Marjorie Gamso, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Kenneth King, Yvonne Meier, Sarah Skaggs
July 01, 1998

The writings of six choreographers are assembled in this book and the leap they have taken to go from the medium of choreography into written text constitutes a form of translation. Some of the texts investigate the possibilities of written language as invention, others use it as a means to ...

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