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Critical and Qualitative Approaches to Mental Health Experiences among Vulnerable Groups

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This series builds on the foundations of interdisciplinary approaches to mental health research laid by Frantz Fanon in the 1950s and later by Arthur Kleinman, among other mental health researchers. It highlights and explicates the uncritical use of universalistic categories of psychiatric disorders in silencing much of the experiences of relationally, culturally, and socio-politically generated distress and culturally shaped healing and rehabilitation. Particularly in the contemporary Global South settings, economic globalization has further aggravated (a) deepening of structurally induced distress and (b) commodification of mental health experiences and care. This book series helps bring an emphatic focus on foregrounding silenced voices of mental health experiences among vulnerable sections towards meaningful rehabilitation and culturally situated healing in the Indian setting using critical and qualitative approaches.

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Psychology of Accident Victims in India Explorations in Embodiment, Suffering and Healing

Psychology of Accident Victims in India: Explorations in Embodiment, Suffering and Healing

1st Edition

By Deepika Sharma
December 30, 2022

This book traces the psychological journey of accident survivors with locomotor disability, as they move from processes of suffering to healing. It provides a holistic understanding of disability by looking into the embodied understanding of the body as shaped by the socio-political and cultural ...

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