2nd Edition

Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern World History, 1453-Present

ISBN 9781138303102
Published February 4, 2019 by Routledge
230 Pages

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Book Description

One of the hallmarks of world history is the ever-increasing ability of humans to cross cultural boundaries. Taking an encounters approach that opens up history to different perspectives and experiences, Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern World History examines cultural contact between people from across the globe between 1453 and the present.

The book examines the historical record of these contacts, distilling from those processes patterns of interaction, different peoples’ perspectives, and the ways these encounters tended to subvert the commonly accepted assumptions about differences between peoples in terms of race, ethnicity, nationhood, or empire. This new edition has been updated to employ current scholarship and address recent developments, as well as increasing the treatment of indigenous agency, including the major role played by Polynesians in the spread of Christianity in Oceania. The final chapter has been updated to reflect the refugee crisis and the evolving political situation in Europe concerning its immigrant population.

Supported by engaging discussion questions and enlivened with the voices and views of those who were and remain directly engaged in the process of cross-cultural exchange, this highly accessible volume remains a valuable resource for all students of world history.

Table of Contents

List of Figures List of Maps Preface to the Second Edition PART A Introduction: Cross-Cultural Encounters and Hybrid Culture PART B Encounters in the Age of Exploration Chapter 1 Power and Unpredictability, Conquistadors, and Native Peoples: Conquest of the Americas Chapter 2 Europeans on the Margin: Missionaries and Indigenous Response in East Asia Chapter 3 Empires of Difference: The Ottoman Model of a Multicultural States PART C Encounters—Middle Ground Successes and Failures Chapter 4 Cultures in Competition: Native American Encounters with Europeans Chapter 5 From First Contact to Entanglement: Polynesian Encounters with Euro-Americans Chapter 6 On the Frontiers of Central Asia: Russia, China and Steppe Empires in Eurasia PART D Imperialism and Nationalism in the Modern World Chapter 7 Altered States: British Imperialism and the Rise of Indian Nationalism Chapter 8 The Japanese in East Asia: A Non-Western Empire and Nationalist Reactions Chapter 9 Mapping Africa: European Perceptions and African Realities  PART E Twentieth Century Challenges Chapter 10 Testing the Limits of Multiculturalism: Immigration into Europe in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Index

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Jon Thares Davidann, Ph.D., is professor of history at Hawai’i Pacific University. He has published many books, including The Limits of Westernization (2018). Davidann has given invited lectures internationally and he recently founded History Lens a history video podcast on ThinkTech Hawaii.

Marc Jason Gilbert is the holder of an endowed Chair in World History at Hawai’i Pacific University. He is a past president of the World History Association, co-author of World Civilizations: The Global Experience, author of South Asia in World History, and editor of the e-journal, World History Connected.

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