1st Edition

Cross-Cultural Interviewing Feminist Experiences and Reflections

Edited By Gabriele Griffin Copyright 2016
    242 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    242 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Interviewing is one of the most common techniques used to conduct qualitative research in the social sciences and humanities. As a result of globalization, researchers increasingly conduct interviews cross-, inter- and intra-nationally. This raises important questions about how differences and sameness are understood and negotiated within the interview situation, as well as the power structures at play within qualitative research, and the role that reflexivity plays in mediating these.

    What does it mean to interview Black women as a Black woman? How is ethnicity negotiated across various qualitative research encounters? How are differences bridged or asserted in feminist interviewing? These are just some of the questions explored in the chapters in this volume. Drawing on their recent research, the contributors detail their experiences of engaging in qualitative interviewing and examine how they negotiated the various dilemmas they encountered. The contributions challenge some of the assumptions made in early feminist work on interviewing, providing nuanced accounts of actual research experiences.

    This volume explores the practice and implications of conducting cross-, inter- and intra-cultural interviewing, bringing together researchers from a range of disciplines and countries to describe and analyse both its vicissitudes and its advantages.

    Part I: Cross-Cultural Interviewing  1. Interviewing as Negotiation  2. Interviewing aAcross Cultures: Talking to Mothers and Daughters in Hong Kong and Britain  3. Cross-Cultural Interviewing with/as Minority Women  4. Rethinking the Proximics of Interviewing  Part II: Interviewing in Another Culture: Managing Difference  5. Living Differences: Experiences from Botswana  6. Being an Outsider: The Vicissitudes of Cross-Cultural Interviewing in a Politically and Culturally Sensitive Context  7. Dealing with Being the Outsider in Qualitative Interviewing  Part III: Intra-Cultural Interviewing: Dealing with Hard-to-Reach Participants  8. Interviewing Outsiders and As an In-/Outsider: Interviewing the Socially Marginalized from a Marginalized Position  9. ‘So What Do You Want to Talk About?’: Interactive Interviewing in Hard-to-Reach Communities  Part IV: The Vicissitudes of Interviewing ‘The Same’  10. Taboo in Qualitative Interviewing  11. The Migrant Interview: The Researcher as Migrant Studying Sideways  12. ‘Don’t Focus the Star, Try to Catch the Light’: Indirect Questioning in Interviews to Question Normative Assumptions in One’s Research Focus  13. Intergenerational Interviewing: Exploring the Silences of Female Experiences


    Gabriele Griffin holds the Anniversary Chair in Women’s Studies at the University of York, UK. Her research centres on contemporary women’s cultural production, Women’s Studies as a discipline, and research methods.