1st Edition

Cross-Cultural Practice with Couples and Families

By John S Shalett, Philip M Brown Copyright 1997
    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    Cross-Cultural Practice with Couples and Families prepares you for the ways that cultural realities can affect your social work practice with both couples and families. You will gain in-depth exposure to a variety of cultural values and perspectives and learn to identify similarities and differences between and among different ethnic families. This will lead you to a deeper, more thorough understanding of the roles, dynamics, and particular challenges of social work, both current and historical.

    From Cross-Cultural Practice with Couples and Families, you will learn how to use the religious history, family values, rituals, and community in attaining positive outcomes in treatment. Placing value on diversity in families, supporting ethnic differences, and recognizing the strength and resiliency of modern-day families will become the cornerstones of your more effective and sensitive social work practice. The authors, who come with firsthand experience, provide you with specific models and approaches for working with families and couples of different backgrounds. They also offer you insight on:

    • treatment implications for interracial couples
    • the components of healthy marriages
    • domestic violence from various cultural perspectives
    • the Native American family circle
    • cross-cultural considerations in family preservation
    • the realities of racism in the worker-client relationship

      Cross-Cultural Practice with Couples and Families is an excellent resource for graduate students, faculty, and practitioners alike! When ideas and interventions become more complex, the authors guide you through them step-by-step to make implementation easy and practical. Nowhere else will you find such a reader-friendly form that makes the role of culture in therapy and its influence on structure, communication, dynamics, process, and interventions within couple and family systems so astonishingly clear!

    Contents Preface
    • The Components of Healthy Marriages: Perceptions of Israeli Social Workers
    • Treatment Implications for Interracial Couples
    • Child Welfare Practice with Chinese Families: Assessment Issues for Immigrants from the People‚Äôs Republic of China
    • Understanding and Working with Haitian Immigrant Families
    • The Native American Family Circle: Roots of Resiliency
    • Acculturative Stress, Social Support, and Depression in Korean American Families
    • Clinical Impasses for African American Social Workers
    • Social Constructionist Inquiry in Family Therapy with Chinese Americans
    • Cultural Values and Domestic Violence
    • Cross-Cultural Considerations in Family Preservation Practice
    • Religion as Invisible Culture: Knowing About and Knowing With
    • Madness in the Family: The “Windigo”
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    John S. Shalett, Phillip M Brown