1st Edition

Cross-National Consumer Psychographics

By Erdener Kaynak, Lynn R Kahle Copyright 2000
    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    What makes consumers behave as they do?

    Just as demographics examine the “who” of consumer behavior, psychographics examine the “why”. Psychographics show the motivations that people have in regard to purchasing products and choosing a lifestyle.

    The measurement approaches of psychographics utilize a combination of the personality, social value, and demographic variables. Cross-National Consumer Psychographics demonstrates that as communication and interactions between different parts of the world increase, marketing practitioners and educators will benefit by continuing to employ psychographic segmentation as a fundamental teaching and marketing tool.

    Examining consumer behavior with Cross-National Consumer Psychographics will bring you an improved understanding of the political and economic ties between communities and citizens, and will facilitate improved market understanding, segmentation, and communication.

    Cross-National Consumer Psychographics explores important marketing topics like:

    • the role of psychographics and values in international marketing
    • cross-cultural consumer information processing styles
    • the relationship between independent and interdependent self-concepts and reasons for purchase
    • the internationally recognized List of Values (LOV)

      and specific case studies including:
    • the values of American and Japanese mothers (using the LOV)
    • means-end analyses of fish consumption in Denmark and France
    • effects of the change of sovereignty on consumer preferences in Hong Kong

      Cross-National Consumer Psychographics provides data from several applications of the List of Values (LOV) coming from various parts of the globe, showing the implications of particular cultures upon consumerism. Through this unique book, you will discover how countries and consumer groups can be segmented and approached based on their social values to help you develop more effective marketing strategies for your products.

    • Preface
    • Findings of LOV Throughout the World, and Other Evidence of Cross-National Consumer Psychographics: Introduction
    • Means-End Chain Analyses of Fish Consumption in Denmark and France: A Multidimensional Perspective
    • Cross-Cultural Comparison of Consumer Information Processing Styles
    • The Values of American and Japanese Mothers: An Application of LOV in the U.S. and Japan
    • Effects of the Change of Sovereignty on Consumer Ethnocentrism and Product Preferences in Hong Kong
    • The Relationship Between Independent and Interdependent Self-Concepts and Reasons for Purchase
    • A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Universality of the Personal Selling Ethics Scale
    • Group Identities: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Values and Group Influences
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Erdener Kaynak, Lynn R Kahle