1st Edition

Crown and Cortes Government, Institutions and Representation in Early Modern Castile

By I.A.A. Thompson Copyright 1993
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    These studies present various aspects of a long-running enquiry into the development of government, the state and absolutism in early-modern Spain, distinctively based on thorough use of central and local manuscript sources. In the first section, five papers on government and institutions cover the Spanish Council of War under Philip II, the military-administrative bureaucracy of Habsburg Spain, an authoritative general history of Spanish government under Philip IV and the nature of Castilian absolutism, together with a detailed review paper on the legal process and sociology of law in early-modern Castile. The second section reprints four major articles re-interpreting the position of representative institutions during the period of Habsburg absolutism. The first two of these, on the Castilian Cortes between 1590-1665, were the first serious studies of the topic for over a century, and have been instrumental in re-directing further historical work in this subject. Their conclusions are reinforced by a very detailed study of representatives to the Cortes, which appears for the first time in English, and a comparative study of the Castilian Cortes and the English Parliament.

    Contents: The Armada and administrative reform: the Spanish Council of War in the reign of Philip II; The rule of the law in Early Modern Castile; War and institutionalization : the military administrative bureaucracy of Spain in the 16th and 17th-centuries; The government of Spain in the reign of Philip IV; Absolutism in Castile; Crown and Cortes in Castile 1590-1665; The end of the Cortes of Castile; Cortes, cities and procuradores in Castile; Aristocracy and representative government in unicameral and bicameral institutions: the role of the peers in the Castilian Cortes and the English Parliament, 1529-1664; Glossary; Index.