1st Edition

Crusading and Warfare in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

By Norman Housley Copyright 2001
    362 Pages
    by Routledge

    These studies span the period from the origins of the crusading movement in the 11th century until its final active phase during the Renaissance. Some of the articles spring from Norman Housley’s work on crusading against Christian heretics, mercenary companies and lay powers which were involved in conflict with the Church. Others reflect his interest in the way crusading developed after the fall of the Holy Land to the Muslims in 1291. A third group looks at other forms taken by religious warfare in Europe during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. Certain themes recur throughout. One is the variety of ways in which war in God’s name was portrayed and justified. Another is the conflict of interest brought about by the diversity of crusading in the period from c.1200 onwards. Above all, the author shows the complexity, longevity and significance of a movement whose impact on medieval society was massive and whose repercussions were profound.

    Contents: Preface; General Themes: Crusades against Christians: their origins and early development, c. 1000-1216; Politics and heresy in Italy: anti-heretical crusades, orders and confraternities, 1200-1500; The eschatological imperative: Messianism and holy war in Europe, 1260-1556; I registri angioini ricostruiti e le crociate; Frontier societies and crusading in the late Middle Ages; Cyprus and the crusades, 1291-1571; France, England and the "national crusade", 1302-1386; Insurrection as religious war, 1400-1536; Specific Themes: Jerusalem and the development of the crusade idea, 1099-1128; Charles II of Naples and the kingdom of Jerusalem; Pope Clement V and the crusades of 1309-10; The Franco-papal crusade negotiations of 1322-3; Angevin Naples and the defence of the Latin east: Robert the Wise and the naval league of 1334; King Louis the Great of Hungary and the crusades, 1342-1382; The mercenary companies, the papacy and the crusades, 1356-1378; Le maréchal Boucicaut à Nicopolis; Crusading as social revolt: the Hungarian peasant uprising of 1514; A necessary evil? Erasmus, the crusade, and war against the Turks; Index.


    Norman Housley

    '... most highly recommended to scholars with an interest in the ideology and practice of crusading from its inception to the later Middle Ages and Renaissance... every serious scholar of ideology and practice of crusading will delight in something of abiding value.' De Re Militari 'What is impressive about this collection is the consistently high standard of scholarly endeavour and originality which should do much to revive interest in this otherwise neglected area of crusade studies... All-in-all this volume stands as a fitting tribute to Housley scholarship and is a welcome addition to the series.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History