1st Edition

Crustacean Egg Production

Edited By Armand Kuris Copyright 1990
    194 Pages
    by CRC Press

    194 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This title discusses egg formation, release, and development, variations in life history patterns, population, and fisheries aspects regarding crustaceans.



    1 Egg formation, release and development

    Egg production, release and activation in the marine shrimp, Sicyonia ingentis

    Wallis H. Clark, Jr. & Muralidharan C. Pillai

    Ovulation, attatchment and retention of lobster eggs

    P. Talbot

    Yolk utilization and esterase activity in the mole crab Emerita asiatica (Milne Edwards)

    T. Subramoniam

    Hemocyanins in crustacean oöcytes and embryos

    Nora Barclay Terwilliger

    Some aspects of the biology of resting eggs of marine cladocerans

    Takashi Onbé

    A review of the hatching process in barnacles

    D. J. Crisp, E. M. Hill & D. L. Holland

    Comparative potential reproduction and actual production in several species of North America crayfish

    Susan Corey

    Scheduling of reproduction in relation to molting and growth in malacostracan crustaceans

    Keith Nelson

    2 Variations in life history patterns

    A review of patterns and causes of crustacean brood mortality

    Armand M. Kuris

    Egg size in squat lobsters (Galatheoidea): Constraint and freedom

    Cindy Lee Van Dover & Austin B. Williams

    Morphological and environmental restraints on egg production in amphipods

    D. H. Steele & V. J. Steele

    Variation in reproductive output of the isopod, Armadillidium vulgare

    Michael S. Brody

    Analysis of embryo production in a caridean shrimp guild from a tropical seagrass meadow

    Raymond T. Bauer

    The reproductive ecology and fecundity of Cancer crabs

    Jeffery D. Shields

    3 Population and fisheries aspects

    Egg production in crabs with abbreviated development

    Nancy Nash Rabalais

    Special problems in freshwater crayfish egg production

    Jay V. Huner & Ossi V. Lindqvist

    Population regulation and stock-requirement relationships in some crayfish and lobster populations

    David Edward Pollock

    Egg production in the American lobster, Homarus americanus

    S. L. Waddy & D. E. Aiken

    Annual variation in egg production in a Newfoundland population of the American lobster, Homarus americanus

    G. P. Ennis

    Factors influencing fecundity and population egg production of Jasus species

    John H. Annala

    Reproductive dynamics of three species of Penaeidae in tropical Australia, and the role of reproductive studies in fisheries management

    Peter J. Crocos

    Estimating egg production in multi-brooding populations

    Adrian M. Wenner, Jennifer Dugan & Harrington Wells

    Characterizing size-specific fecundity in crustaceans

    Keith M. Somers

    Crustacean egg production and fisheries management

    Louis W. Botsford

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