1st Edition

Cryobiology for South American Neotropical Fish Species

    284 Pages 8 Color & 31 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The book presents updated information on the cryopreservation of semen, embryos, germ cells and ovarian follicles of neotropical fish from South America. The chapters address the importance of developing germplasm banks of South American fish, both for commercial production and for conservation of ichthyofauna. This book has been designed mainly to provide a historical review of the 40 years of reproductive cryobiology research on South American fish species. The work is aimed at students, researchers and technicians involved in the areas related to the book's theme. The editors invite the readers to delve into dense technical knowledge, developed by renowned researchers.



    Integrating the Components Necessary for Germplasm Repository Program Development to Safeguard the Genetic Resources of Aquatic Species

    Jack C. Koch, Lucía Arregui, Sarah Bodenstein, Teresa Gutierrez-Wing, Yue Liu, Rose Upton and Terrence R. Tiersch

    Commercial Application of Sperm Cryopreservation in Fish: Production of Salmonids in Chile

    Iván Valdebenito Isler, Maritza Pérez-Atehortúa, Leydy Sandoval-Vargas and Elías Figueroa Villalobos

    Biobanks: Application in Environmental Conservation

    Borys Dzyuba and William V. Holt

    Biobanks of Biological and Aquarium Model Species

    Patrícia Diogo and Rômulo B. Rodrigues

    Gonads and Gametes of South American Neotropical Species

    Diógenes H. Siqueira-Silva, Maira da Silva Rodrigues, Jeane Rodrigues, Daniel Fernandes Da Costa, Maria Clara Rosa-Silva and Rafael Henrique Nóbrega

    Quali-Quantitative Analysis of Semen of Neotropical South American Species

    Eduardo A. Sanches and Victor Gallego

    Maintenance and Management of Breeders of Neotropical South American Species in Laboratories

    Sergio Ricardo Batlouni, Ruy Alberto Caetano Corrêa Filho, Rafael Yutaka Kuradomi, Louise Nex Spica, Mariana Roza De Abreu, Lucas de Oliveira Brasileiro, Naiara Cristina Motta, Laíza Maria De Jesus-Silva, Susana Amaral Teixeira and Jayme Aparecido Povh

    Embryos and Ovarian Tissues of South American Neotropical Fish: Current State of Development

    Leandro Andrés Miranda, Thaíza Rodrigues de Freitas, Monica Rodrigues Ferreira Machado and Lis Santos Marques

    Laboratory Techniques for the Analysis of Cells and Reproductive Tissues of Neotropical Species

    Lauren Dorneles Dipp, Lis Santos Marques, Rômulo Batista Rodrigues, Thales de Souza França, Nathalia dos Santos Teixeira, Thaiza Rodrigues De Freitas, Raquel Santos Dos Santos, Larise Lima, Jhony Lisboa Benato and Danilo P. Streit Jr.

    Sperm Cryopreservation Protocols for Neotropical South American Species

    Danilo P. Streit Jr., Rômulo Batista Rodrigues, Eduardo Antônio Sanches, Jayme Aparecido Povh, Diógenes Henrique de Siqueira-Silva, Ana Carina Nogueira Vasconcelos and Tiantian Zhang

    Stem Germ Cells in Fish, the Methods for Cryopreservation in Neotropical South American Species and Its Potential for Fish Conservation and Restoration

    Saynara Souza dos Santos Miranda, Hadda Tercya, Taiju Saito and Diógenes Henrique Siqueira-Silva

    Potential Use of Germplasm Banks of South American Neotropical Species in Environmental Conservation in Brazil

    Evoy Zaniboni-Filho and Josiane Ribolli

    Potential Use of Germplasm Banks of Neotropical South American Species for Fish Farming in Brazil

    Danilo P. Streit Jr., Jayme A. Povh, Darci C. Fornari, Jonhy L. Benato, Fernanda De Mello, Eric A. B. Routledge, Estefania Paredes and Tiantian Zhang



    Dr. Danilo P. Streit Jr., Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, focuses on cryobiology to develop solutions for population reconstitution and aquaculture viability. With projects in electricity generation and strong partnerships worldwide, his research resulted in 120+ publications and training for 40+ postgraduates. Currently, he concentrates on a strategic plan for conserving South American fish Genetic Resources.

    Dr. Tiantian Zhang, Deputy Dean of Research, is internationally recognized for her work in fish gametes and embryos cryopreservation. With interests in reproductive cell cryopreservation's impact and applications in biomedicine, conservation, and aquaculture, she has 150+ publications, 100+ conference presentations, and has supervised 30+ PhDs. Dr. Zhang secured substantial funding from the UK, Wellcome Trust, and EU Research Councils, and holds prestigious positions in cryobiology societies. Her contributions earned her recognition by the Society of Cryobiology in 2016.

    Dr. Estefania Paredes, Professor at the Universidade de Vigo, Spain. Her work is centered about the development of cryopreservation protocols for a wide variety of cell types and species of aquatic animals. Her research resulted in over 50 publications, and training of over a dozen students so far. Currently, Dr. Paredes is the president of the Sociedad Española de Criobiología and her research is focused on development of cryopreservation protocols for marine organisms.