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Crypto Wars
The Fight for Privacy in the Digital Age: A Political History of Digital Encryption

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ISBN 9780367642488
December 14, 2020 Forthcoming by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

The crypto wars have raged for half a century.

In the 1970s Digital privacy activists prophesied the emergence of an Orwellian State, made possible by computer-mediated mass-surveillance. The antidote: digital encryption.

The U.S. government warned encryption would not only prevent surveillance of law-abiding citizens, but of criminals, terrorists, and foreign spies, ushering in a rival dystopian future.

Both parties fought to defend the citizenry from what they believed the most perilous threats. The government tried to control encryption to preserve its surveillance capabilities; privacy activists armed citizens with cryptographic tools and challenged encryption regulations in the courts.

No clear victor has emerged from the crypto wars. Governments have repeatedly failed to forge a democratically acceptable framework to manage conflicting civil liberties in the digital age. Solving this problem is more urgent than ever.

Digital privacy will be one of the most important factors in how we design twenty-first century societies - its management is paramount to our stewardship of freedom and liberty for future generations. We need to elevate the quality of public debate on cryptography, on how we manage security and privacy in the twenty-first century. Failure will result in societies sleep walking into a future where the citizen-State power balance is decided without due consideration. This book provides a history of the crypto wars, with the hope its chronicling sets a foundation for peace.

Table of Contents

Preface: Digital Privacy Prologue: A New Cryptological Era

Chapter I: The Crypto Wars

Chapter II: A History of Communications Revolutions

Chapter III: The Cypherpunks

Chapter IV: Crypto War I: The Data Encryption Standard (DES)

Chapter V: Crypto War I: The Battle for Academic Freedom

Chapter VI: Crypto War II: Digital Signature Standard & Key Escrow

Chapter VII: Crypto War II: Export Battles

Chapter VIII: Crypto Wars III: The Snowden Era Conclusion

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Craig Jarvis is an independent cyber security strategist currently completing a PhD in Cyber Security & History at Royal Holloway, University of London. Craig holds master’s degrees in Cyber Security, International Security, and Classical Music, and studied history at Oxford University. Craig lives in London, UK.