1st Edition

Cryptosporidiosis of Man and Animals

By J. P. Dubey Copyright 1990

    This book attempts to provide a broad coverage of current information needed by public health workers, physicians, veterinarians, parasitologists, technicians, and various biologists who encounter or work with the parasitic disease Cryptosporidium.

    1. General Biology of Cryptosporidium 2. Techniques and Laboratory Maintenance of Cryptosporidium 3. Waterborne Cryptosporidiosis 4. Cryptosporidiosis in Humans 5. Cryptosporidiosis in Ruminants 6. Cryptosporidiosis in Pigs and Horses 7. Cryptosporidiosis in Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Raccoons, Opossums, Rabbits and Non Human Primates 8. Cryptosporidiosis in Rodents 9. Cryptosporidiosis in Birds 10. Cryptosporidiosis spp in lower vertebrates


    J. P. Dubey