1st Edition

Crystal-Induced Arthropathies Gout, Pseudogout and Apatite-Associated Syndromes

    456 Pages 10 Color & 121 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Divided into five expansive sections, this guide provides an in-depth review of crystal-induced arthritis and related disorders. Providing a historical perspective throughout, this work includes detailed descriptions of the clinical features of these diseases, as well as a current overview of their identification, epidemiology, genetics, and underlying pathophysiology. This authoritative guide also reviews case studies, current diagnostic tools, and the prevalence of these conditions while introducing new and emerging therapies for disease management.

    Crystal Induced Arthropathies--Historical Aspects. Epidemiology of Crystal-Induced Arthropathy. Genetics of Crystal-Induced Arthropathies. Clinical Features of Gout. Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia. Clinical Features of Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Crystal Deposition Disease. Clinical Features of Basic Calcium Phosphate-Associated Syndromes. Differential Diagnosis of Acute Monarthritis. Synovial Fluid Analysis for Identification of Crystals. Other Methods of Crystal Identification. Radiographic Changes of Crystal-induced Arthropathies. Biochemistry of Hyperuricemia and Gout.Biochemistry of Calcium Pyrophosphate Crystal Deposition. Biochemistry of Basic Calcium Phosphate Associated Syndromes. Pathophysiology of Crystal-Induced Arthritis. Urate Physiology. Pathophysiology and Biologic Effects of Crystals. Pathology of Crystal-Induced Arthritic Syndromes. Management of the Crystal-Induced Arthritic Syndromes. Colchicine. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs. Corticosteroids. Uricosuric Agents. Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors. Uricase. Therapeutic Agents for Calcium Crystal Arthropathies


    Robert L. Wortmann, H. Ralph Schumacher, Michael A. Becker, Lawrence M. Ryan