1st Edition

Cultivating Systemic Resilience in Therapy Applications and Interventions for Families, Relationships, and Individuals

Edited By Christie Eppler Copyright 2025
    254 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    254 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Therapists intuitively know that the families, partnerships, and individuals they treat have strengths, but may not know how to identify or utilize them. This edited collection aims to help therapists understand and apply concepts of systemic resilience in clinical practice, supporting them in conceptualizing cases, treatment planning, and developing supportive therapeutic relationships.

    Christie Eppler, PhD, brings together a collection of voices to provide comprehensive guidance on what systemic resilience is and how therapists can enhance the lives and relationships of their clients. Based on contemporary training standards, this text emphasizes practice-based applications and focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Chapters address how to foster resilience in clinical treatment with individual and relational clients, supervisees, and in the therapist’s own life. With case studies, clinical activities, interventions, and reflective questions throughout, this approachable text will help therapists empower their clients. This book demonstrates to practicing and established therapists how connections, community involvement, shared visions and a sense of purpose, and healthy relationships can promote growth, healing, and transformation.

    This is essential reading for students and professionals in counseling, clinical social work, and marriage and family therapy.

    1. Introduction

    Christie Eppler

    2. Empowering Communities Through Systemic Resilience: A Fusion of Liberation Psychology and Adaptive Coping Strategies

    Raquel Martin

    3. Intersections of Systemic Resilience and Spirituality in First Nation Narratives

    Arynn Prescott, Christie Eppler and Jeanette Rodriguez

    4. Approaching Resilience Through Contextual and Systemic Frameworks

    Elizabeth R. Watters and Gita Seshadri

    5. Biopsychosocial–Spiritual Resilience Interview: Understanding and Promoting Well-Being in Patients Living With Medical Conditions

    Jackie Williams-Reade

    6. A Systemic and Whole-Person Framework for Supporting Physician Resilience and Well-Being

    Jessica ChenFeng

    7. Systemic Resilience and Abolition: Developing Individual and Communal Capacities to Respond to Harm and Violence

    Maggie Baisley

    8. Resilience as a Secure Attachment Pattern

    Eli Harwood

    9. Cultivating Systemic Resilience of Black Adolescents With Disordered Eating: Targeting Belief Systems as a Mechanism for Change

    Ashley A. Hicks and Casey C. Levy

    10. Fostering Systemic Resilience in Foster and Kinship Care

    Yolanda Wearing and Raquel Martin

    11. Grief and Resilience After the Death of a Dog

    Jennifer Golbeck

    12. Beyond Pathology: The Role of Diagnosis in Resilience

    Jamesen Natwick

    13. Beyond Self-Care: Intentional Practices of Resilient Therapists

    Rebecca A. Cobb and Christie Eppler

    14. A Personal Reflection on Promoting Resilience in the Systemic Treatment of Addiction

    Jasmine L. Pickens

    15. CREATE Model of Culturally Attuned, Resilience-Based Supervision

    LaDonna M. Smith


    Christie Eppler, PhD, LMFT is a program director and professor of Seattle University’s Master of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy. She is an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor. The focus of her clinical practice, teaching, and research is systemic resilience, justice, and narrative therapy.

    "This valuable clinical guide expands our understanding and ways to cultivate resilience in therapy with clients who face injustice, hardship, and adversity. Chapters center marginalized peoples and their social context, sensitively attuned to their lived experience, beliefs, and aspirations. In our increasingly complex world, this systemic approach attends to the interconnection of individual, relational, family, community, cultural, and spiritual influences in overcoming adversity and flourishing in life. Highly recommended to inform and inspire both beginning and seasoned practitioners!" Froma Walsh, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of Chicago, Co-Founder & Co-Director, Chicago Center for Family Health, Author, Strengthening Family Resilience (3rd Ed.)

    "Having served as a clinical director for many years, I know my students would enjoy and benefit from this text. The book presents theories of resilience in a manner that is easy to understand and apply in diverse settings." Martha Morgan Gobert, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Global

    "Dr. Christie Eppler has assembled a diverse and experienced group of authors who have written about the important topic of cultivating systemic resilience in families, relationships, and individuals. As a resilience researcher, I am impressed by the depth and scope of this work and the wide range of populations and identities to which it applies. I found each chapter to be practical, and a resource for all systemic therapists." Adrian Blow, PhD, Professor of Couple and Family Therapy, Michigan State University