1st Edition

Cultural Differences and Improving Performance How Values and Beliefs Influence Organizational Performance

By Bryan Hopkins Copyright 2009
    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    326 Pages
    by Routledge

    One of the most significant and yet largely overlooked factors influencing performance and workplace problem solving in many large organizations is that of national culture. Managers, and the organizations for which they work, need to be able to understand the influence of cultural values and beliefs on performance in order to identify appropriate solutions; strategies appropriate in one part of the world may be ineffective or even counter-productive in another. Bryan Hopkins' ground breaking book relates the concept of cultural dimensions, as developed by writers such as Hofstede and Trompenaars, to the performance engineering approaches of Gilbert and Mager and Pipe, to show how strategies for solving workplace performance problems need to consider the cultural composition of the workforce. It then provides a practical structure for problem solving within the context of an international, multi-cultural environment. This is a book for both managers working in an international setting or for those in national organizations who are dealing with the challenge of culturally diverse workforces. It's also a book for governments seeking to understand the potential implications of national culture on civilian or even military interventions.

    Preface; Introduction; Part I The Theory; Chapter 1 How Do Cultures Differ?; Chapter 2 Analysing Performance; Chapter 3 Culture and Workplace Activities; Chapter 4 The Systems Approach; Chapter 5 Solving Workplace Problems; Part II The Practice; Chapter 6 Step 1: Define the Problem; Chapter 7 Step 2: Collect Data; Chapter 8 Step 3: Analyse the Problem; Chapter 9 Step 4: Generate Ideas; Chapter 10 Step 5: Select Solutions; Chapter 11 Step 6: Implement Solutions; Chapter 12 Step 7: Evaluate Effectiveness;


    Bryan Hopkins is an independent consultant who specializes in performance analysis and the design of information and learning materials. He has developed and delivered solutions for a large number of clients from both the private and public sectors, including several international organizations. His previous books, How to Design and Post Information on a Corporate Intranet and e-HR were also published by Gower.

    '...packed with models, examples and steps and results in a very practical approach to workplace performance in a culturally diverse environment. This book does not put forward solutions to particular cultural-related performance problems; it gives people and performance managers the tools to analyze performance and identify any problems that may exist in a way that takes cultural differences into account. It is an informative and practical read for HR professionals and line managers working in a multi-cultural organization.' Strategic HR Review ’...this book should appeal to a wide audience: those who need the theories of culture and performance engineering, or those who want the practical side of understanding performance measurement, analysing problems and identifying appropriate solutions, or those who prefer to learn about both...This is a valuable book for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the seven-step problem-solving methodology that Hopkins outlines resonates with those who have attempted to move from the values typology that has defined cultural differences and behaviours for the last thirty years...In fact, this may be a book for everyone working in organisations that have a diverse cultural environment, be they involved in education, training or business.’ - Peter van Gelder, Dialogin: The Delta Intercultural academy