Cultural Diversity in Neuropsychological Assessment : Developing Understanding through Global Case Studies book cover
1st Edition

Cultural Diversity in Neuropsychological Assessment
Developing Understanding through Global Case Studies

Edited By

Farzin Irani

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Book Description

Cultural Diversity in Neuropsychological Assessment provides a platform for clinical neuropsychologists, psychologists, and trainees to bridge cultures and speak to each other about the ethnically diverse communities they serve throughout the world. It allows readers to peek into their clinical filing cabinets and examine how they worked with diverse individuals from indigenous and migrant communities of Arab, Asian, European, Israeli, Latin American and Caribbean, Persian, Russian, Sub-Saharan African, and North American origin.

The book first reviews important foundations for working with diverse communities that include key knowledge, awareness, skills, and action orientation. It then provides a collection of cases for each cultural geographic region. Each section begins with an introductory chapter to provide a bird’s eye view of the historical and current state of clinical and research practice of neuropsychology in that region. Then, each chapter in the handbook focuses on a specific community by providing surface and deep level cultural background knowledge from the authors’ unique perspectives. A case study is then covered in depth to practically showcase an evaluation with someone from that community which is followed by a summary of key strategic points, lessons learned, references, further readings, and a glossary of culture specific terminology used throughout the chapter. In the end, the appendix provides a list of culturally relevant tests and norms for some communities.

This ground-breaking peer-reviewed handbook provides an invaluable clinical resource for neuropsychologists, psychologists, and trainees. It increases self-reflection about multicultural awareness and knowledge, highlights practical ways to provide culturally aware neuropsychological and psychological assessments, and sparks further discussion for professional and personal growth in this area.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introductory Foundations

  1. Knowledge

  1. Cultural Neuropsychology: Current State and Future Directions

Daryl Fujii, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

  1. Skills and Training

  1. Multicultural Education and Training in Psychology: Let’s Talk About Skill Acquisition

Orlando Sanchez, Ph.D. & Tedd Judd, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

  1. Awareness of Self

  1. Using Reflective Self-Awareness to Enhance Cultural Competence Between Neuropsychologist and Client

Rex Swanda, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

  1. Awareness of Others

  1. Liberating the Narratives of BIPOC Neuropsychologists: Unpacking Microaggressions through Lived Experiences

Anita Herrera Hamilton, Ph.D. ABPP-CN, Shaquanna Brown, Ph.D., Velisa Johnson, Ph.D, ABPP-CN, Sagar S. Lad, PsyD., CSP.

  1. Action

  1. Stepping into Action: The Role of Neuropsychologists in Social Justice Advocacy

Mirella Diaz-Santos, Ph.D., Kendra Anderson, Ph.D., Michelle Miranda, Ph.D., MPH, Christina G. Wong, Ph.D., Janet Yanez, MA, & Farzin Irani, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

Part II: Case Studies

  1. America (Canada and United States)

Black American

  1. Culturally Sensitive Neuropsychological Assessment in Black Americans
  2. Case Study: Seeing the Big Picture in Race, Resilience, and Examiner Expectations

    Vonetta M. Dotson, Ph.D., & Anthony Y Stringer, Ph.D., ABPP/ABCN

    Coast Salish Native American

  3. Neuropsychology in Coast Salish Native American Contexts
  4. Case Study: Making it Through the Spiraling Fire Tunnel

    Tedd Judd, Ph.D, ABPP-CN & Eagle Bear

    Indigenous Canadian

  5. Neuropsychological Assessment with Indigenous Peoples in Saskatchewan: A Lesson in Cultural Humility

Case Study: A lesson in cultural humility

Megan E. O’Connell, Ph.D., R.D.Psych, Ivan Panyavin, Ph.D.,  Lisa Bourke-Bearskin, RN, Ph.D., Jennifer Walker, Ph.D, Carrie Bourassa, Ph.D.

  1. Arab


  1. Cultural Considerations in Neuropsychological Assessment of Arab Populations
  2. Ahmed F. Fasfous, Ph.D. & Julia C. Daugherty, Ph.D.


  3. Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Lebanese Speaking Examinee: Multiple Cultures, Multiple Languages, Multiple Religions, One Small Country

Case study: No test in sight, and one language won’t suffice: No pressure!

Karim Yamout, PsyD, ABPP-CN

  1. Asia


  1. General Issues in the Neuropsychological Assessment of Asian Americans
  2. Daryl Fujii, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

    Asian Indian

  3. Culturally Aware Neuropsychological Assessment with Asian Indians: One Size Does Not Fit All
  4. Case Study: "I’d rather have a stroke than be depressed"

    Farzin Irani, Ph.D., ABPP-CN


  5. Considerations in Neuropsychological Evaluations with Chinese Individuals
  6. Case Study: "Overcoming shame in the family"

    Mimi K.W. Wong, Ph.D., Esther Chin, Ph.D. & Yue Hong, PsyD


  7. Cultural Sensitivity in Neuropsychological Assessment of Filipinos and Filipino Americans
  8. Case Study: "This might be God’s punishment"

    Kristina A. Agbayani, Ph.D., ABPP, Mario F. Dulay, Jr., Ph.D., Regilda Anne A. Romero, Ph.D., Cherry Ordoñez, M.A.


  9. Neuropsychological Considerations With Japanese Patients
  10. Case Study: "…and he talks like a cartoon character now"

    Nicholas Thaler, Ph.D., ABPP-CN & Maiko Sakamoto Pomeroy, Ph.D.


  11. Neuropsychological Considerations with Bhutanese People of Nepali Ethnicities Residing in the United States
  12. Case Study: "She speaks a strange language"

    Katrina E. Belen, PsyD. & David Lerner, Ph.D., ABN


  13. Culturally Aware Neuropsychological Assessment with Pakistanis
  14. Case Study: "Racing heart, racing mind."

    Sanam J. Lalani, Ph.D., Farah Hameed, M.D. and Louise F. Wheeler, Ph.D.

    South Korean

  15. Cultural Considerations in the Neuropsychological Assessment of South Koreans: Land of the Morning Calm Meets K-Pop
  16. Case Study: "I have no plans to retire."

    Dongwook David Lee, Ph.D., ABPP-CN & Mi-Yeoung Jo, Psy.D. ABPP-CN


  17. Taiwan – The Island that Embraces Chinese Subcultures
  18. Case Study: "Now that I’ve sustained a concussion, I need to work hard to get back on my feet. I need more food and oolong tea to heal!"

    June Paltzer, Ph.D., ABPP-CN


  19. Neuropsychological Assessment of Vietnamese Americans

Case Study: Ginseng over Donepezil?

BaoChan Tran, PsyD., ABPP-CN, Ann T. Nguyen, MA, Caroline Ba, PsyD, & Christopher Minh Nguyn, PhD, ABPP-CN

  1. Europe


  1. Cross-Cultural Neuropsychological Assessment in the European Context: Embracing Maximum Cultural Diversity at Minimal Geographic Distances
  2. T. Rune Nielsen, Ph.D., Sanne Franzen, MSc. Miriam Goudsmit, & Özgül Uysal-Bozkir, Ph.D.

    Dutch (Moroccan)

  3. Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment of Moroccan Patients in the Netherlands
  4. Case Study: "I know all prayers by heart, if only I wouldn’t get so distracted"

    Özgül Uysal-Bozkir, Ph.D, Sanne Franzen, MSc., & Miriam Goudsmit.


  5. Culturally Aware Neuropsychological Assessment with Greek Immigrants
  6. Case Study: "When you know the person is your own, it is different, you feel more comfortable. I feel like I can speak to you and you will understand what I am saying".

    Mathew Staios, Master of Clinical Neuropsychology


  7. Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation in the Portuguese Context
  8. Case Study: "I exist beyond my diagnosis; diagnosis does not define me"

    Artemisa R Dores, Ph.D., Andreia Geraldo, MA., & Sandra Guerreiro, Ph.D.


  9. Neuropsychological and Rehabilitation Considerations for Language and Regional Diversity in Spain
  10. Case Study: "Spain, the land of diversity."

    Laiene Olabarrieta Landa, PhD., María Jesús Gómez López, Ph.D., Isabel González Wongvalle, Psy.D., Diego Rivera, MPH., Ph.D., & Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla, Ph.D.


  11. Cross-Cultural Neuropsychological Assessment with Turkish Immigrants

Case Study: "I’ve heard a stressful life can give Alzheimer’s"

T. Rune Nielsen, Ph.D.


  1. Israel

  1. Cultural Diversity and Clinical Neuropsychology in Israel: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation within a Cultural, Religious, and Political Melting Pot

Dan Hoofien, Ph.D. & Eli Vakil, Ph.D.

  1. Latin America and Caribbean


  1. Neuropsychology in Latin America and the Caribbean
  2. Paula Karina Pérez Delgadillo, PsyD., Daniela Ramos Usuga, MSc, Laiene Olabarrieta Landa, Ph.D., Gloria M. Morel Valdés, PsyD., Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla, Ph.D.


  3. Support with Autonomy: Untangling the Family Role in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation in Brazil
  4. Case Study: "How can I say thanks for my family support while telling them goodbye?"

    Ana Paula Almeida de Pereira, Ph.D.


  5. Diagnostic Challenges in Remote Communities from Colombia: A Case Study of a Patient with CADASIL
  6. Case Study: "When the clinical history is bewildering, the family history enlightens"

    Lina Velilla-Jiménez, MS., Dorothee Schoemaker, Ph.D., Diana Múnera, BS, Joseph Arboleda-Velásquez, MD, Ph.D, Francisco Lopera, MD & Yakeel T. Quiroz, Ph.D.


  7. A Cultural Approach to the Development of Neuropsychology in Cuba
  8. Case Study: "…My life changed from one day to the next "

    Ana M Rodriguez-Salgado, MSc., Ana I Peñalver-Guía, MSc. & Jorge J Llibre-Guerra, MD


  9. Neuropsychology in Guatemala: The Obvious and the Invisible
  10. Case Study: "The eyes don’t see what the mind does not understand"

    Beatriz MacDonald, Ph.D, Tedd Judd, Ph.D, ABPP-CN, Claudia García de la Cadena, Ph.D, Isis Yahaira Marroquin Jerez de Cifuentes, M.Sc.


  11. Mexican Origin Communities and Neurodegenerative Conditions
  12. Case study: No estoy demente solo vieja/I am not demented just old

    Adriana M. Strutt, PhD, ABPP-CN, Ana Linda Diaz Santos, PsyD, Lic. Adriana Puente Calzada, Orlando Sanchez, PhD.

    Puerto Rican

  13. Neuropsychology and Access to Services in Puerto Rico: A Family's Journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  14. Case Study: "Too high functioning to be autistic"

    Rafael E. Oliveras-Rentas, Psy.D, Mairim Vega-Carrero, PsyD., & Walter Rodríguez-Irizarry, PsyD.


  15. Application of the Collaborative Therapeutic Neuropsychological Assessment Approach on a Venezuelan Migrant

Case Study: "I lost my Lucidity"

Aline Ferreira-Correia, PhD

  1. Persian


  1. Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Afghan, Dari-Persian (Dari-Farsi) Speaking Individual: Clinical and Forensic Considerations
  2. Case Study: The Underpin of an Afghan and a Jinn

    Amir Ramezani, Ph.D., Shushan Tigranyan, PsyD., Reza Alvani, PhD., Arash Ramezani, BA. & Carlos Oliveira, MA.


  3. Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Iranian-American, Persian (Farsi) Speaking Individual: Clinical and Forensic Considerations

Case Study: Primary Persian Aphasian in Translation

Amir Ramezani, Ph.D., Emmanuel A. Zamora, PsyD., Arash Ramezani, BA. & Maria Soledad Montero, PsyD

  1. Russian

  1. Neuropsychological Assessment with Older Russian-Speaking Immigrants: Narrative Matters

Case Study: "From Motherland to the Land of Opportunity"

Irene Piryatinsky, Ph.D, ABPP-CN & Dov Gold, Ph.D.

  1. Sub-Saharan African


  1. The Sub-Saharan African Context and the Birth of Neuropsychology
  2. Jean N Ikanga, PhD and Lingani Mbakile-Mahlanza, DPsyc


  3. The Use of Neuropsychological Assessment in Psychiatric Treatment Formulation in Nigeria
  4. Case Study: "I am Ok, It’s Just that I Cannot Concentrate or Learn What You are Teaching"

    Valentine A. Ucheagwu, Ph.D. & Bruno J., Giordani, Ph.D.


  5. Exploring a Social-Ecological Systems Approach to Assessment through a Composite Somali Refugee Case
  6. Case Study: "All pains are connected."

    Jacob A. Bentley, Ph.D., ABPP-RP, Mohammed Alsubaie, M.S., Kimi Hashimoto, M.S., Mansha Mirza, Ph.D., Farhiya Mohamed, M.S.W.

    South African

  7. A Person is a Person through Other Persons: Culturally Responsive Neuropsychological Assessment in South Africa 

Case Study: "A person is a person through other persons"

Kate Cockcroft, Ph.D., & Sumaya Laher, Ph.D.

Appendix – Tests and Norms

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Dr. Farzin Irani’s background includes a Ph.D. from Drexel University, internship at Brown University, post-doctoral fellowship at University of Pennsylvania, and board certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology. She is actively involved in clinical practice, teaching, mentorship, scholarship, service, and advocacy in neuropsychology. She is currently Executive Secretary for the Asian Neuropsychological Association, Council Representative for the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (APA Division 40), Diversity and Inclusion Leader for the Philadelphia Neuropsychology Society, Oral Examiner for the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology and Participant Leader in APA’s Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology.


"This matchless volume offers a defining culturally based neuropsychology resource. We owe deep appreciation to the Editor for assembling an exceptional group of scholars using evidence-based scholarly inquiry and case exemplars from around the world. The experienced authors share their insights and personal reflections in a manner no other text provides. This well-organized text offers practical skills and is a must have for my shelf and yours." – Marc A Norman, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, University of California, San Diego

"Not just that we should have broader knowledge and awareness, but a place to begin the dive into the impossibly beautiful, complicated intersection of brain and behavior in the context of culture." – Karen Postal, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Clinical Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School

With elaborate and consistently well-crafted detail, this book addresses the complex and multi-layered topic of cultural diversity, the most timely and important issue confronting clinical neuropsychologists in all parts of the world. International experts deliver impressive and authoritative guidance, including compelling applications of original and widely-used normative data. – Jerry J. Sweet, Ph.D., ABPP; Emeritus, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Evanston, Illinois, USA.