1st Edition

Cultural Diversity in Trade Unions: A Challenge to Class Identity? A Challenge to Class Identity?

Edited By Johan Wets Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  Addresses the question of how encompassing unions deal with regional differences and competing cultural identities - in particular those of migrant workers as a specific social and cultural category. Are regional and cultural differences jeopardizing the working-class solidarity?

    List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Appendices, List of Contributors, Acknowledgements, Introduction: Squaring the Circle? Trade Unions Tom between Class Solidarity and Regional and Cultural Identities in Western Europe, 1. Cultural Diversity and Politics: An Introduction, PART I: REGIONAL AND LOCAL CULTURAL DIVERSITIES, 2. Divergent Developments, Regional Alliances and National Solidarity in Belgium, 3. The Italian Trade Unions and the Local Challenge, 4. Industrial Relations in Spain: Does Regional Diversity Awaken Union Tendencies to Divergence?, 5. Industrial Relations and Trade Unions in Economic and Social Transformation in East Germany, PART II: TRADE UNIONS AND THE CHALLENGE OF IMMIGRANT WORKER CULTURES, 6. Trade Union Policies towards Immigrants: The Case of Belgium(1944-97), 7. Trade Union Policies Regarding Immigration and Immigrant Workers in the Netherlands (1960-95), 8. Immigrants as a Special Target: Ambiguity of Solidaristic Action, 9. Organised Labour and the Black Worker in England: A Critical Analysis of Postwar Trends, 10. The French Trade Union Movement and the Struggle Against Racism in the Workplace


    Wets, Johan