1st Edition

Cultural Dynamics in a Globalized World
Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Depok, Indonesia, November 7-9, 2016: Topics in Arts and Humanities

ISBN 9781138626645
Published December 17, 2017 by Routledge
930 Pages

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Book Description

The book contains essays on current issues in arts and humanities in which peoples and cultures compete as well as collaborate in globalizing the world while maintaining their uniqueness as viewed from cross- and interdisciplinary perspectives. The book covers areas such as literature, cultural studies, archaeology, philosophy, history, language studies, information and literacy studies, and area studies. Asia and the Pacifi c are the particular regions that the conference focuses on as they have become new centers of knowledge production in arts and humanities and, in the future, seem to be able to grow signifi cantly as a major contributor of culture, science and arts to the globalized world. The book will help shed light on what arts and humanities scholars in Asia and the Pacifi c have done in terms of research and knowledge development, as well as the new frontiers of research that have been explored and opening up, which can connect the two regions with the rest of the globe.

Table of Contents

Social norms, social movements, and ethics
Foreword by Manneke Budiman

Social conflict resolution and the need for a system of ethics
A. Seran

Editorial cartoons and the visualization of corruption at the beginning of the New Order (1968–1974): Case study of Indonesia Raya daily
A.M. Padiatra & A. Setiawan

The 19th-century Undang-Undang Ternate: Structure and power analysis
P.F. Limbong & T. Pudjiastuti

KPK and the commitment of the Indonesian government to eradicate corruption (2004–2014)
H.R. Mufti & B. Kanumayoso

Autonomy and historicity of an individual as a moral agent
J.P. Kamuri & H.S. Pratama

Redefining ethics and morals in colonial space: Creation of leisure in the colonies in Van Zeggelen (1911)
C.T. Suprihatin

Moral consciousness in Kresna Duta’s characters: An analysis through moral theory of Lawrence Kohlberg and the discourse ethics of Jürgen Habermas
M.W. Nurrochsyam & E.K. Ekosiwi

Transposition of epistemology to hermeneutics: Richard Rorty’s philosophy of edification
F. Hadinata & A.Y. Lubis

Leader’s attitude towards terrorism: A critical discourse analysis of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s diplomatic letters
B.E. Pranoto & U. Yuwono

Stimulus of request in Japanese and its relation to wakimae as a cultural context: A discourse analysis on culture in conversation
Filia, N.J. Malik & U. Yuwono

Toraja people’s involvement in Qahhar Mudzakkar’s DI/TII movement
R.D. Kabubu & Abdurakhman

Digital art and its uniqueness without aura
A.I. Badry & A.Y. Lubis

Accelerating Quentin Meillassoux with Antonio Negri: On the deadlock of speculative realist ontology
H.Y. Polimpung & A.Y. Lubis

Historical aspects of Babad Sepehi
Y. Irawan & K.H. Saputra

Disturbance of local democratization: Riot in Tuban election 2006
M. Sodikin & Abdurakhman

The concept of homo ecologicus spiritual-ethical (an ethical reflection on the ecological humanism concept of Henryk Skolimowski)
F. Fios & G. Arivia

Applications of spiritual-ethical homo ecologicus in the local indigenous context of Indonesia (a case study in the Oenbit village, East Nusa Tenggara province)
F. Fios & G. Arivia

Music’s critical function to social conditions
K. Andjani & A.Y. Lubis

No-self: Reflections on ethics and identity
J. Jiwanda & A.Y. Lubis

Perhimpoenan Kaoem Betawi: The struggle for identity and role in the Indonesian National Movement (1923–1941)

Freedom of expression at the Jakarta Art Centre during Soeharto’s New Order
S.N. Kusumastuti

The eco-spiritual ethics of Balinese Hindus challenged: The case of the reclamation of Benoa Bay
I.N. Suwidjana, G. Arivia, G. Dwikartika & R. Lustanto

Vergangenheitbewältigung/coming to terms with the past: Demystifying Hitler and the Nazi regime in German comics
L. Kurnia

The legacy of Soeharto’s New Order: Power sustainability through control of information media
F. Gani

Public reason and the rise of populism in post-reformation Indonesia
G.C. Acikgenc & H.S. Pratama

Construction of grief in obituary texts in German (2012–2015)
S.P. Suganda

The political as the ontological primacy: On Ernesto Laclau’s thoughts
D. Hutagalung & A.Y. Lubis

Roles and contributions of participants in broadcast talk
M.K. Wardhani & B. Kushartanti

Representing nation/homeland, gender, and religion
Foreword by Melani Budianta

Beyond the collections: Identity construction at the National Museum of Indonesia
M.K. Rizqika

Formation of Javanese Malay identities in Malay Peninsula between the 19th and 20th centuries
L. Sunarti

The representation of national identity in the film Tanah Surga Katanya
L.S. Limanta & L. Kurnia

Building national identity in the border areas: The critical success factors analysis in the management of community radio in Sintang, West Kalimantan
L.H. Kurnia

Heimat for three generations of immigrants in Germany: An analysis of Turkish–German films
M.R. Widhiasti & M. Budianta

Representation of India as the root of identity in the film adaptation of The Namesake
R.A. Setyaningrum & D. Hapsarani

Contested representation of Dutch Americans in Washington Irving’s A History of New York
M. Baga & M. Budianta

Indonesian novels’ phenomenon of mingling and competing with cultural exposure
I.G.A.A.M. Triadnyani

Funding politics in European film festivals and its impacts on the development of Indonesian cinema
R. Ihwanny & M. Budiman

The Lunar New Year and Guanggunjie tradition: The representation of China in the Lentera broadcast by China Radio International
R.P.S. Hadi & M. Budiman

Mandarin education and contemporary Chinese-Indonesian identity repositioning: Between recinicization and cosmopolitanism
Q.Q. Luli & M. Budiman

Appropriating South Korean popular culture: I-pop and K-drama remakes in Indonesia
S.M.G. Tambunan

Positive body image activism in collective (@effyourbeautystandards) and personal (@yourstruelymelly) Instagram accounts: Challenging American idealized beauty construction
D.M. Wuri & S.M.G. Tambunan

Problematizing sexualized female images and Donald Trumps’ immigration stance in video games: An analysis of Let’s Play videos on YouTube
S. Angjaya & S.M.G. Tambunan

Constructing an imagined community of fandom and articulating gender identity: A case study on Indonesian female football fans’ participation in social media
N. Azizi & S.M.G. Tambunan

Martha Nussbaum’s central capabilities read violence against women in Indonesia
H.P. Sari

Afghan women’s repression by patriarchy in My Forbidden Face by Latifa
H.N. Agustina & C.T. Suprihatin

Memory of the female protagonist in relation to gender oppression in Catherine Lim’s The Teardrop Story Woman
J.D. Sukham & D. Hapsarani

Women and corruption in Okky Madasari’s 86 and Anggie D. Widowati’s Laras: A feminist study
A. Akun & M. Budiman

Contesting representations in the gendered space of politics: Hillary Clinton’s representations in Living History, A Woman in Charge, and Her Way
D. Hapsarani & M. Budianta

Construction of woman in the Sundanese magazine Mangle (1958–2013): A corpus-based study of metalinguistic signs
S. Yuliawati & R.S. Hidayat

Metaphors of women in the Sundanese magazine Mangle (1958–2013): A corpus-based approach
A. Alkautsar & T. Suhardijanto

The collocation and grammatical behaviour of two nouns denoting women in Sundanese: A corpus-based analysis of language and gender relationship
P.G. Bagasworo & T. Suhardijanto

The role of women in Javanese literature: A case study of Serat Gandakusuma SJ 194 NR 324 and SW 5 SB 47
W.P. Sudarmadji & A. Prasetiyo

Posuo, space and women: Buton community’s customary tradition and its preservation
I. Ibrahim & M. Budiman

Cosmopolitan female Muslim travellers in Berjalan di Atas Cahaya
S. Hodijah & C.T. Suprihatin

The mosque as a space for Minangkabau women
H.F. Agus & M. Budianta

The realisation of metaphorical speech act in a religious themed text: Pragmatics analysis on a popular religious self-help book
S. Altiria & A. Muta’ali

Imagery characters and ideology of Islamic fundamentalism: Adaptation of the novel Les Étoiles de Sidi Moumen and the film Les Chevaux de Dieu
D. Jinanto & J. Tjahjani

School-centric Islamic education in Indonesia: A deconstructive analysis of Muhammad Abed Al-Jabiri
N.S. Wibowo & Naupal

Developing English teaching materials based on Content-Based Instruction (CBI) approach for the Islamic management and banking students at IAIN Imam Bonjol Padang
Elismawati & Mukhaiyar

The main ideas of Muhammad Mursi’s speech at the 67th United Nations General Assembly: A critical discourse analysis
D. Lu’lu & A.T. Wastono

An ontology of violence based on moral teachings: A case study of Salafi Wahabi radicalism and the story of Kresna Duta (Ambassador Kresna)

The story of caliph Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman, and Ali to the battle of Hasan and Husain in Karbala: Islamic epics from Ambon
D. Kramadibrata

Islamic discourse in German online mass media: Intra-migrant Muslim perspective on refugee issues. Shift in the position of three Muslim individuals: Feridun Zaimoglu, Necla Kelek, and Navid Kermani
L. Liyanti

Abuya Dimyathi: A charismatic mursyid of tarekat Syadziliyah during the New Order regime (1977–1982)
J. Syarif & Y. Machmudi

Regional identity and cultural heritage
Foreword by Mikihiro Moriyama

Wawacan Samun: Between the convention and the creation of Wawacan
M. Holil & T. Pudjiastuti

Piwulang teachings in Serat Darmasaloka
S. Rohman & D. Kramadibrata

Old Papuan manuscripts: A general review
T. Pudjiastuti

Articulation and contestation of cultural identities in Riau Province: The case of ‘Mandau Regency’
S. Basuki & M. Budiman

Utilization of the Senjang tradition as cultural identity of the people in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra
A. Ardiansyah & T. Christomy

Colophon in the Hikayat Pandawa manuscript
M. Buduroh & T. Pudjiastuti

Bismaprawa: An Old Javanese text from the Merapi-Merbabu tradition derived from Adiparwa
A. Kriswanto & D. Puspitorini

Uttaraśabda in Java and Bali
A. Kurniawan & D. Puspitorini

Loloda in the world of Mollucas: The decline of the political entity in Loloda from Kolano to Sangaji
A. Rahman

Votive tablets in Buddhist religious rituals in the Nusantara archipelago from the 7th–10th centuries AD
A. Indradjaja & W.R. Wahyudi

Tracing religious life in the ancient Bali period: An epigraphical study
N.K.P.A. Laksmi & W.R. Wahyudi

Ancient water system and reservoir at the Muarajambi archaeological site
C.M. Arkhi & W.R. Wahyudi

Association of Borobudur Temple with the surrounding Buddhist temples
N.A. Izza & A.A. Munandar

Forms and types of Borobudur’s stupas
A. Revianur

Variety of distinct style scripts in inscriptions found in Mandalas of the late Majapahit era: An overview of the paleography to mark religious dynamics
N. Susanti

Religious communities in the late Majapahit period at Pasrujambe site, Lumajang
A. Rahayu & N. Susanti

Particles pwa and ta in the Old Javanese language
D. Puspitorini

The role of Man․d․alas in the old Javanese religious community in Tantu Panggělaran
T.I. Setyani & T. Pudjiastuti

Signatures in Hikayat Sultan Taburat’s manuscripts: The existence of scribes in the 19th century
R.A. Suharjo & T. Pudjiastuti

Management of cultural heritage sites: A case study of Perkampungan Adat Nagari Sijunjung
F. Amril

Nusantara philosophy: The study of meanings based on Indonesia’s local wisdom in East Java and East Nusa Tenggara
L. Tjahjandari, T.I. Setyani & L.H. Kurnia

Silpin’s artistic freedom in the creation of Tathagata statues on the Rupadhatu level at Borobudur
G. Mentari & A.A. Munandar

Spatial narrative in a traditional Sundanese village
T. Christomy

Symbolic meaning of the Śrāddha ritual in the Merapi-Merbabu Putru Kalĕpasan text
I.M. Suparta & T. Pudjiastuti

Ancient religious artworks in Central Java (8th–10th century AD)
A.A. Munandar

Global economy, urbanization and social change
Foreword by Abidin Kusno
A toponymy based study on waterway trade in the ancient Mataram era (9th–11th century AD)
G.A. Khakam & N.S. Tedjowasono

Development of Mandar’s maritime trade in the early twentieth century
A.R. Hamid

The golden age of the East Indonesian economy during the NIT era (1946–1950)
L. Evita & Abdurakhman

Food culture and land use in ancient times
Taqyuddin & N. Susanti

The Treaty of 1855: Early American shipping, commerce, and diplomacy in the Indonesian archipelago (1784–1855)
Y.B. Tangkilisan

Individual unit of analysis in the debate on the methodology of economics as a social science
H.S. Pratama

Colonialism and segregation: An analysis of colonial policies in the Strait of Malacca 1795–1825
T.R. Fadeli

The impact of economic modernization on the lifestyle of the Palembang society in 1900–1930
N.J. Utama & L. Sunarti

The impact of modernization on the economy for fishermen in Makassar City
P. Rifal & L. Sunarti

Colonial modernity, Indonesian nationalism, and urban governance: The making of a colonial city, Surabaya (ca. 1890–1942)
A. Achdian

Efforts to overcome the problems of food demand in South Sulawesi in the Guided Democracy period (1959–1965)
A.A.A. Mulya & M. Iskandar

A study on how Uber seizes the transportation space in Jakarta
D.T. Gunarwati & L. Kurnia

Commuter line e-ticketing system and the disciplining of urban citizens
A. Sandipungkas & L. Kurnia

The dynamics of production and consumption in Islamic housing
J.D. Shanty & M. Budianta

Typical French linguistic process on Facebook
F.G. Junus & M. Laksman-Huntley

Indonesian-English code-switching on social media
M. Aulia & M. Laksman-Huntley

Use of English hedges by 12 learners in academic writing: A case study of pragmatics
Y. Widiawati & F.X. Rahyono

“You are what you eat ... and post”: An analysis of culinary innovation and cultural branding in Panggang Ucok’s Instagram account
S.M.G. Tambunan & M.R. Widhiasti

The use of cohesive devices in deaf and hearing children’s writing
Novietri & B. Kushartanti

Acoustical analysis of pitch contour in autism spectrum disorder
L. Roosman, T.W.R. Ningsih, F.X. Rahyono, M. Aziza & Ayesa

Characteristics of word duration in children with autism spectrum disorder
T.W.R. Ningsih, F.X. Rahyono & Ayesa

Experimental approach of perception toward autism spectrum disorder intonation
F.X. Rahyono, T.W.R. Ningsih, Ayesa & M. Aziza

Conflicts of interest among Indonesian university libraries in developing intellectual capital
Laksmi & L. Wijayanti

Changes in the virtual reference services at Bina Nusantara University to meet users’ information needs
M. Septiana & T.A. Susetyo-Salim

Students’ information behavior and the use of library reference service at Surya International School, Jakarta
R.R. Romadon & T.A. Susetyo-Salim

Transformation from conventional to virtual library reference services at Surya International School, Jakarta
D.P. Prabowo & T.A. Susetyo-Salim

Empowering students with information literacy education as one of the library reference service functions at Surya International School, Jakarta
E. Cahyani & T.A. Susetyo-Salim

Reconstructing Joko Widodo’s national education ideology: A critical discourse analysis on the policies in Indonesia
R.M.P. Silalahi, N.J. Malik & E. Mulyajati

Nationalism and neoliberalism in education: A critical discourse analysis of presidential speeches in Indonesia’s reform era
R.M.P. Silalahi, N.J. Malik & U. Yuwono

Values of neoliberalism in education: A comparative study of Indonesian presidential speeches in the New Order and Reform Era
R.M.P. Silalahi, U. Yuwono & Y.J. Aminda

Meeting the challenges of global competition: Preserving and revitalizing the cultural heritage of Bagansiapiapi
A.A. Harapan & L. Mariani

Preserving and maintaining traditional culture through interior design: A case study of Torajan elements in a local restaurant
P. Salim

The toponymy of the ancient port city of Gresik in the northern coastal area of Java
Z. Muhatta & N. Soesanti

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Melani Budianta is a Professor of the Faculty of Humanities, with expertise in literary and cultural studies. She has done research and publication on gender and multiculturalism. She has recently edited an anthology of Indonesian Women Writers (with Yvonne Michalik), and published her research on "Precarious Cosmopolitanism: Work Migration and Cultural Belonging in Globalized Age" in the recent issue of International Journal of Cultural Studies. She has been active in Indonesian women’s movement and in the Inter-Asia scholar/activist network. She is a member of the editorial collective of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Journal, Wacana Journal of Humanities, and other regional and international scholarly journals.

Manneke Budiman teaches literature and cultural studies at the Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia. He serves a member of the Editorial Board of WACANA Journal of Humanities and MAKARA Hubs-Asia (Journal of Human Behavior Studies). He is also co-editor of co-editor of Words in Motion: Language and Discourse in Post-New Order Indonesia (NUS Press, 2012) and contributor to Yvonne Michalik & Melani Budianta (eds) Indonesian Women Writers (Regiospectra, 2015). He published his research on contemporary Indonesian women’s literature, Reimagining the Archipelago: The Nation in Post-Suharto Indonesian Women’s Fiction, in 2013 (Lambert Academic Publishing).

Abidin Kusno is a Professor of Environmental Studies at York University, Canada. His research interests include urbanism, politics and culture, history, and theory of architecture. He currently serves as President of Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies. He is the author of After the New Order: Space, Politics and Jakarta (Hawaii University Press, 2013) and The Appearances of Memory: Mnemonic Practices of Architecture and Urban Form in Indonesia (Duke University Press, 2010). He has also served as Editor in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Journal of Architectural Education, Journal of Planning History, Pacific Affairs, and in the International Advisory Board of Journal of Southeast Asian Studies.

Mikihiro Moriyama is Professor of Indonesian Studies and Global Liberal Studies at Nanzan University, Japan. He is the author of Sundanese Print Culture and Modernity in 19th-Century West Java (2005) and coeditor of Words in Motion: Language and Discourse in Post-New Order Indonesia (2012). His interests are in language and literature in Indonesia, particularly Sundanese. He tries to explore people’s consciousness and perception of language and texts in both Sundanese and Indonesian. He has also written essays on contemporary Indonesian literature, and translated Indonesian literary works such as Putu Wijaya, Seno Gumira Ajidarma and Oka Rusmini in Japanese.

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