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Cultural Heritage, Art and Museums in the Middle East

About the Series

Cultural Heritage, Art and Museums in the Middle East book series includes volumes that address the ways in which representation and identity are connected to and implicated within cultural practice, broadly defined, in the global Middle East and provides in-depth studies that critically discuss and analyse this issue within the region. The series offers scope for emerging scholarship that takes a wider view of Middle Eastern Studies, by addressing Central Asia, Iran and the Middle Eastern diaspora. By doing so, the series aims to attract and support new directions in scholarship and provide a venue for those areas marginalised within this literature.

The series includes works that provide examples and interpretations of Middle Eastern cultural heritage, art and museums situated within a broader, global context. By highlighting these global connections, it aims to challenge the marginalisation of studies of the Middle East into the realm of regional studies. Further to this, the series critically explores how representation and identity are connected to cultural developments in the Middle East at various levels – local, national, regional, and transnational – in the fields of cultural heritage, art and museum studies. Titles in the series will provide much-needed resources and reference points for academics and students working in the fields of art, art history, anthropology, archaeology, cultural studies, critical heritage studies, Gulf Studies, Middle East Studies and museum studies. They will also offer valuable insights for arts, heritage and museum practitioners; cultural policymakers; and others who have an interest in cultural production and practice within the Middle East.

If you would like to discuss submitting a proposal, please contact the series editors Sarina Wakefield: [email protected] and Sabrina DeTurk: [email protected]

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Museums of the Arabian Peninsula Historical Developments and Contemporary Discourses

Museums of the Arabian Peninsula: Historical Developments and Contemporary Discourses

1st Edition

Edited By Sarina Wakefield
December 18, 2020

Museums of the Arabian Peninsula offers new insights into the history and development of museums within the region. Recognising and engaging with varied approaches to museum development and practice, the book offers in-depth critical analyses from a range of viewpoints and disciplines. Drawing on...

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