1st Edition

Cultural Histories of Crime in Denmark, 1500 to 2000

    292 Pages
    by Routledge

    292 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Taking the kingdom of Denmark as its frame of reference, this volume presents a range of close analyses that shed light on the construction and deconstruction of crime and criminals, on criminal cultures and on crime control from 1500 to 2000.

    Historically, there have been major changes in the legal definition of those acts that are legally defined as being criminal offences – and of those that are not. This volume explores the criteria and perceptions underlying definitions of crime in a powerful and absolutist Lutheran state and subsequently in a Denmark characterised by social welfare and sexual liberation. It places special focus on moral issues rooted in considerations of religion and sexuality.

    1. Introduction – Including a Short History of Denmark  Tyge Krogh  Part One: The Construction of Crime and Criminals  2. "When Hell Became Too Small": Constructing Witchcraft in Post-Reformation Denmark  Louise Nyholm Kallestrup  3. The Rise and Fall of Religious Crimes and Punishments  Tyge Krogh  4. Regulating Eighteenth-Century Households: Offences Against the Fourth and the Six Commandments as Criminal Behaviour  Nina Javette Koefoed  5. Child Sexual Abuse Within the Family: The Construction of the Victim and Offender, 1933 to 1967  Mette Seidelin  6. Traces of a Panic: The Making and Unmaking of a Paedophile Minority in Denmark in the Twentieth Century  Peter Edelberg  Part Two: Criminal Cultures  7. Maritime Cultures of Crime, 1600 to 1800  Johan Heinsen  8. Larcenous Soldiers: Crime and Criminal Cultures in Copenhagen in the First Half of the Eighteenth Century  Tyge Krogh  9. Marital Violence in a Danish Rural Society, 1750 to 1850  Asbjørn Romvig Thomsen  10. Morality and Crime in Denmark During the Second World War  Sofie Lene Bak  11. From Organised Crime to White-Collar Crime: The Black Market in Denmark During the Second World War  Claus Bundgård Christensen  Part Three: Controlling Crime  12. Life and Law in Northern Jutland in the Seventeenth Century  Jakob Ørnbjerg  13. Using the Police to Fight Crime in Copenhagen, 1682 to 1793  Jørgen Mührmann-Lund  14. The First Danish Secret Police, 1800 to 1848  Karl Peder Pedersen  15. Curing Criminal Thoughts: From Religious Conversion to Cognitive Therapy in Prison  Peter Scharff Smith


    Tyge Krogh is Senior Researcher at The Danish National Archives.

    Louise Nyholm Kallestrup is Associate Professor at the Department of History at University of Southern Denmark.

    Claus Bundgård Christensen is Associate Professor of History at Roskilde University.