1st Edition

Cultural History in France Local Debates, Global Perspectives

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume, which gathers contributions presented at the annual conferences of l'Association pour le développement de l'histoire culturelle (ADHC), questions the subjects and boundaries of cultural history in France – with regard to neighboring approaches such as cultural studies, media studies, and gender studies – to elaborate a "social history of representations." Historians, philosophers and sociologists address a large variety of topics and methodological proposals. Definitions, objects and actors, memories and cultural transfers: this book depicts the major questions that underlie the historical debate at the beginning of the 21st century.

    Part I: Definitions and Frontiers

    1. Introduction to Part I

    Loïc Vadelorge

    2. Cultural History: A Domain, a Perspective, and an Interface

    Jean-François Sirinelli

    3. What Is Mediology?

    Régis Debray

    4. Literary History/Cultural History: Material for a Dialogue

    Paul Aron

    5. The Cultural Dimension of Social History

    Christian Chevandier

    6. The History of Knowledge: Social or Cultural History?

    Peter Burke

    7. Borders (and Their Porosity) Between Cultural History and Media History

    Anne-Claude Ambroise Rendu

    8. Myths and Truths of French Legal Culture, 19th-20th Centuries

    Jean-Louis Halpérin

    9. Debate on the Sociology of Culture

    Laurent Martin, with Olivier Donnat, Laurent Jeanpierre, and Éric Maigret

    Part II: Subjects

    10. Introduction to Part II

    Sylvain Venayre

    11. Inner Senses and Their Old Markers

    Georges Vigarello

    12. Towards a History of Colors: Possibilities and Limits

    Michel Pastoureau

    13. For a History of the Sensitivity to the Weather

    Alain Corbin

    14. From the Reading of 18th-Century Police Archives to the Construction of Objects of Historical Study

    Arlette Farge

    15. History: The Masculine Hypothesis

    André Rauch

    16. A Romantic House: George Sand’s Nohant

    Michelle Perrot

    17. Television and Mass Culture

    Evelyne Cohen

    18. Cultural History and Music

    Anaïs Fléchet

    19. A Contribution to a Historical Approach to the Audiovisual Landscapes of Radio and Television

    Pascale Gœtschel

    20. "Popular Culture", "Mass Culture": A Definition or a Prerequisite?

    Pascal Ory

    Part III: Memory and History

    21. Introduction to Part III

    Laurent Martin

    22. Italian Sites of Memory

    Mario Isnenghi

    23. Historiographical Conflicts and Memory-Based Heritage: On the Luoghi della memoria and LItalie par elle-même, Edited by Mario Isnenghi

    Manuela Martini

    24. Sites of Memory, Erinnerungsorte

    Étienne François

    25. "A Cry of Horror from the Abyss": Passers-On of the Indescribable: Lemkin, Fry, Karski, 1941-1944

    Annette Becker

    26. Israeli National Memory: Formation, Variations, and Objections

    Avner Ben-Amos

    Part IV: Perspectives and Transfers

    27. Introduction to Part IV

    Laurent Martin

    28: Can We Write a European History of Culture in the Contemporary Period?

    Christophe Charle

    29. Disciplinary Smuggling

    Denis Saint-Jacques

    30. The Paris-London Line of Cultural Studies: A One-Way Track?

    Érik Neveu

    31. British Perspectives on French Cultural History

    Michael Kelly

    32. Is There History Under Colonial Culture?

    Emmanuelle Sibeud

    33. Colonial History Today: A Cultural History?

    Isabelle Surun

    34. Appraisal and Ideas for a Global Cultural History

    Chloé Maurel

    35. Some Remarks on the Teaching of Cultural History in Eastern European Universities

    Svetla Moussakova

    36. Cultural History Facing the "Transnational Turn"

    Ludovic Tournès

    37. General Conclusion

    Jean-Yves Mollier

    Annex: About ADHC

    Evelyne Cohen


    Evelyne Cohen is Professor Emeritus of Contemporary Cultural History at École nationale supérieure des sciences de l’information et des bibliothèques (ENSSIB-Lyon University).

    Anaïs Fléchet is Associate Professor of History at Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

    Pascale Goetschel is Professor of Social and Political History of Culture at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

    Laurent Martin is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle.

    Pascal Ory is Professor Emeritus of History at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.