1st Edition

Cultural Policy, Work and Identity The Creation, Renewal and Negotiation of Professional Subjectivities

Edited By Jonathan Paquette Copyright 2012
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    How have cultural policies created new occupations and shaped professions? This book explores an often unacknowledged dimension of cultural policy analysis: the professional identity of cultural agents. It analyses the relationship between cultural policy, identity and professionalism and draws from a variety of cultural policies around the world to provide insights on the identity construction processes that are at play in cultural institutions. This book reappraises the important question of professional identities in cultural policy studies, museum studies and heritage studies. The authors address the relationship between cultural policy, work and identity by focusing on three levels of analysis. The first considers the state, the creativity of the power relationship established in cultural policies and the power which structures the symbolic order of cultural work. The second presents community in the cultural policy process, society and collective action, whether it is through the creation of institutions for arts and heritage profession or through resistance to state cultural policies. The third examines the experience of cultural policy by the professional. It illustrates how cultural policy is both a set of contingencies that shape possibilities for professionals, as much as it is a basis for identification and identity construction. The eleven authors in this unique book draw on their experience as artists and researchers from a range of countries, including France, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and Sweden.

    Chapter 1 Theories of Professional Identity: Bringing Cultural Policy in Perspective, Jonathan Paquette; Chapter 2 Cultural Policy and the Promotion of World War I Heritage Sites in France: Emerging Professions and Hybrid Practices, Anne Hertzog; Chapter 3 Cultural Democracy and the Creation of New Professional Subjectivities: The Case of Cultural Mediation, Jonathan Paquette; Chapter 4 Technology, Cultural Policy and the Public Service Broadcasting Tradition: Professional Practices at BBC News in the Social Media Era, Valérie Bélair-Gagnon; Chapter 5 Curators and the State, a Question of Interdependencies: The Case of France, Frédéric Poulard; Chapter 6 Policy Rationale and Agency: The Notion of Civil Society Organizations in Swedish Cultural Policy, Tobias Harding; Chapter 7 Museum Volunteers: Between Precarious Labour and Democratic Knowledge Community, Susan L.T. Ashley; Chapter 8 The Transcendental Fan: Navigating the Producer-Consumer Dichotomy and Cultural Policy in the Digital Age, Devin Beauregard; Chapter 9 American Cultural Policy and the Rise of Arts Management Programs: The Creation of a New Professional Identity, Eleonora Redaelli; Chapter 10 Becoming a Cultural Entrepreneur: Creative Industries, Culture-led Regeneration and Identity, Jennifer Hinves; Chapter 11 Cultural Policy and Agency in a Cultural Minority Context: Artistic Creation and Cultural Management in Northern Ontario, Aurélie Lacassagne; Chapter 12 Being Part of the ‘Supercreative Core’: Arts, Artists and the Experience of Local Policy in the Creative City Era, Caroline Agnew;


    Jonathan Paquette is Associate Professor in Public Administration at the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

    'An excellent and informative collection, providing a critical engagement with cultural policy and the constructs of "the worker" and "the professional'"in a number of international contexts. A must read for scholars and practitioners in the culture, heritage and museum sectors'. Lisanne Gibson, University of Leicester, UK 'Cultural Policy, Work and Identity heightens awareness of the importance of policies - and, more important, cultural policies - in the construction of professional identities. Building on multiple theoretical influences from policy analyses, sociology of labour and cultural studies, this collected edition presents a panorama of the varieties of creative encounters involving cultural policies and professional subjectivities. The approaches of the various contributors are strikingly innovative. These essays help to refine our understanding of professionalism and to expand debates on professional identities beyond commonly accepted theories. Jonathan Paquette's book provides new insights and a new theoretical map to address work and identities in arts management and cultural policy as well as museology and heritage studies'. Kevin V. Mulcahy, Louisiana State University, USA 'This book brings together a selection of essential writings on cultural policy and arts management. The range of thought provoking contributions on museum and heritage issues includes texts from established authors and importantly includes pieces by practising artists. I highly recommend this fluently and engagingly written volume as an important reference for graduate students, professionals in the field and those interested in examining questions of value and professionalism'. Viv Golding, University of Leicester, UK 'While it may at first appear an obscure topic, the book touches on several fundamental issues related to our lives as citizens and professionals, affected by cultural politics and institutional power on a daily basis.' Critical Policy Studies 'This is