1st Edition

Cultural Property Security Protecting Museums, Historic Sites, Archives, and Libraries

By Daniel J. Benny Copyright 2013
    232 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The protection and security of cultural properties is of primary concern to the thousands of federal, state, county, city, and private institutions entrusted with housing and displaying our national heritage and history of our society. Cultural property security is of global importance as well, with tens of thousands of institutions internationally tasked with protecting and maintaining relics and artifacts of social, cultural, and historical significance.

    Cultural Property Security offers powerful protection guidelines to security departments tasked with safeguarding popular historical sites, museums, and libraries and the historical artifacts they house. Presenting practical, ready-to-implement solutions in a clear writing style, the book:

    • Provides a working definition of cultural properties
    • Identifies the threats against cultural properties from crime and terrorism, particularly in regions with political or civil unrest
    • Offers guidance in threat assessment
    • Identifies the physical security measures and technology that can be used to protect such institutions
    • Presents guidelines for establishing a protective service department for cultural properties
    • Describes proper arrest and post-arrest protocols
    • Includes a list of online resources for further information related to the protection of cultural properties

    Complete with dozens of photos, the book establishes leading industry best practices to identify the various threats to cultural properties and protect them.

    Dr. Daniel J. Benny has more than 35 years of security management experience and has served as a Director of Protective Services for the state of Pennsylvania’s Historic and Museum Commission. His insight is invaluable to those responsible for securing these institutions from internal and external threats.

    Importance of Cultural Property Protection: Museums, Historic Sites, Archives, and Libraries
    Private Museums
    Local Museums
    County Museums
    State Museums
    National Museums
    Military Museums
    Historic Sites
    Private, Local, and County Historic Sites
    State Historic Sites
    National Historic Sites
    Private, Local and County Archives
    State Archives
    National Archives
    Private Libraries
    Campus Libraries
    Local Libraries
    County Libraries
    State Libraries
    National Libraries
    Security Threats to Museums, Historic Sites, Archives, and Libraries
    Security Threats to Museums
    Security Threats to Historic Sites
    Security Threats to Archives
    Security Threats to Libraries
    Security Threats to Individuals
    Workplace Violence
    Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
    Identification of Behavioral Indicators
    Threats from Terrorism
    Target Selection
    Counter Terrorism
    Signs of Terrorism
    Physical Security Protection for Museums, Historic Sites, Archives, and Libraries
    Intrusion and Fire Detection Systems
    Security Cameras
    Determining Total System Costs
    Design Costs
    Installation Costs
    Operational Costs
    IT Costs
    Maintenance Costs
    Replacement Costs
    Cost–Benefit Analysis
    Cost of Loss
    Prevention Costs
    Return on Investment
    Lock and Key Control
    Mechanical Locks
    Wafer Tumbler Locks
    Dial Combination Locks
    High Security Dead Bolt Locks
    Card Access Electrified Locks
    Exit Locks
    Master Locking Systems
    Control of Keys and Locking Devices
    Security Barriers and Fencing
    Security Lighting
    Protection of Windows and Utility Ports
    Radio Frequency Identification, Magnetometers, and
    X-Ray Devices
    Protection of Artifacts
    Artifacts on Display
    Artifacts in Storage
    Artifacts in Transit
    Protection of Books, Publications, Documents, and
    Internet Protection
    Security Department Organization and Operation Chief Security Officer
    Determining Size of Department
    Legal Authorization to Protect Property
    Property Profile and Security Threats
    Proprietary Security Force
    Contract Security Force
    Uniforms and Identification
    Staff and Visitor Identification
    Protective Equipment
    Use of Force Continuum
    Report Procedures
    Protection of Department Information
    Lost and Found
    Ethics and Conduct
    Professional Certifications
    Recruitment and Supervision
    Service Calls
    Vehicle Stops
    Approaching Suspect Vehicle with Patrol Vehicle
    Felony Vehicle Inquiries
    Use of Force
    Oleoresin Capsicum (OC)
    Extremities as Defensive Weapons
    Apprehension and Arrest
    Court Testimony
    Security Information Center
    Dealing with Media
    Appendix: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Library
    Theft Act
    (Act 95 of Session 1982, 18 Purdon’s Statutes §3929.1) House Bill 671
    Safety and Fire Protection
    General Safety Policy
    Safety Culture
    Safety Program
    Safety Coordinator
    Fire Protection
    Protection Equipment
    Fire Evacuation Plans and Drills
    Employee and Visitor Protection Measures
    Right-To-Know Worker Protection Act
    Bloodborne Pathogens Act
    Hazardous Waste Management
    Emergency Responses
    Medical Emergencies
    Responding to Medical Emergencies
    Treatment of Victim
    Vehicle Accidents
    Fire Fighting
    Gas Leaks
    Important Safety Precautions
    Severe Weather and Natural Disasters
    Bomb Threats
    Notification and Evacuation
    Bomb Search
    Return to Facility
    Hostage Situations
    Appendix A: Cultural Property Resources
    Professional Cultural Property Security Organizations
    Professional Cultural Property Organizations
    Regional and State Museum Conferences and
    Regional Conservation Guilds and Associations
    Cultural Property Journals and Publications
    Cultural Property Funding Organizations
    Cultural Property Organizations for Reporting Thefts
    Appendix B: Cultural Property Physical Security Checklist
    Perimeter Barriers
    Protective Lighting
    Intrusion Detection System
    Security Communications
    Personnel Identification and Control
    Lock Security
    Security Force
    Appendix C: Cultural Property Key Control Program Checklist
    A. Control measures
    B. Custodians appointed in writing for
    C. Quarterly inspections
    D. Access roster
    E. Keys and padlocks
    F. Key depositories
    G. Combination locks
    H. Seals and bands
    I. Lock specifications
    Appendix D: Cultural Property Security Force Checklist
    Security Operation
    In-House Security Department
    Contract Security
    Administration Issues


    Daniel J. Benny

    While the focus of this book is cultural property protection, the author uses a method that allows the reader to use the asset protection process in most, if not all, other areas requiring security … outlining a plan that highlights all the necessary stages to create and implement a security program in a clear, no-nonsense style. ... 4 out of 5 stars.
    –Book review appearing in Security Management