1st Edition

Cultural Studies 10:1 Controversies in Cultural Studies

Edited By Lawrence Grossberg, Janice Radway Copyright 1996

    An international journal committed to exploring the relationships between cultural practices and everyday life, economic relations, the material world, the State, and historical forces and contexts. It seeks to foster more open analytic, critical and political conversations by encouraging people to push the dialogue into fresh, uncharted territory. It also aims to intervene in the process by which the existing techniques, institutions and structures of power are reproduced, resisted and transformed.

    Cultural Studies and Ethnic Absolutism: Comments on Stuart Hall's Culture, Community, Nation John Docker, Response to Mahmood Stuart Hall, Asianing Australia: Notes toward a Critical Transnationalism of Cultural Studies Ien Ang and Jon Stratton, Not Yet the Postcolonial Era: The (super) Nation-state and Transnationalism of Cultural Studies (a response to Ang and Stratton Kuan-Hsing Chen, Quantum Mechanics and the Postmodern in One Country, Henry Krips Quantum Mechanics, Consistency, and the Art of Rhetoric: Response to Krips John Lyne, Out in the Open: Reflections on the History and Practice of Cultural Studies Tony Bennett, Between and Among the Boundaries of Culture: Bridging Text and Lived Experience in the Third Timespace Smadar Lavie and Ted Swedenburg


    Lawrence Grossberg, Janice Radway