1st Edition

Culturally Sensitive Supervision and Training Diverse Perspectives and Practical Applications

Edited By Kenneth V. Hardy, Toby Bobes Copyright 2016
    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    Culturally Sensitive Supervision and Training: Diverse Perspectives and Practical Applications is a comprehensive text that exposes readers to an array of culturally competent approaches to supervision and training. The book consists of contributions from a culturally and professionally diverse group of scholars and clinicians who have been on the frontline of providing culturally competent supervision and training in a variety of settings. Many of the invited contributing authors have developed innovative clinical-teaching strategies for skillfully and effectively incorporating issues of culture into both the classroom and the consulting room. A major portion of the book will provide the reader with an insider’s view of these strategies as well as a plan for implementation, with one chapter devoted to experiential exercises to enhance cultural sensitivity in supervision and training. The text is intended for use in supervision courses, but trainers and supervisors will also find it essential to their work.

    Preface  I. The Use of Self in Supervision and Training 1. Towards the Development of a Multicultural Perspective in Training and Supervision Kenneth V. Hardy  2. Core Competencies for Executing Culturally Sensitive Supervision and Training Kenneth V. Hardy and Toby Bobes  3. The Location of Self in Training and Supervision Thandiwe Dee Watts Jones  II. Issues of Identity and Social Location in Supervision and Training  4. Power and Privilege in Supervision: Multicultural Feminist Reflections on Practice Heidi A. Zetzer  5. Making the Invisible Visible: A Closer Look at Social Class in Supervision and Training Kenneth V. Hardy, Ana Hernandez, and Christiana Awosan  6. Supervision in Black and White: Navigating Cross-Racial Issues in the Supervisory Process Marlene F. Watson  7. Lessons Learned in Queer Affirmative Supervision Deidre Ashton  8. Integrating and Addressing Religion and Sprituality in Supervision and Training Argie Allen-Wilson  9. Image and Experience in Multicultural Supervision and Training J. Leonardo de la O  III. Strategies for Promoting Cultural Sensitivity in Supervision and Training  10. From Invisibility to Embrace: Promoting Culturally Sensitive Practices in SupervisionJessica L. ChenFeng  11. Balancing Culture, Context, and Evidence-Based Practices in Supervision Benjamin E. Caldwell 12. Reflexivity, Compassion, and Diversity: Teaching Cultural Sensitivity in Supervision Diane Gerhart 13. Expanding the Human Spirit: Pathway to Promoting Cultural Sensitivity Kiran Shahreen Kaur Arora  14. Enhancing Cultural Sensitivity by Speaking Truth to Power Mary Read  15. Experiential Exercises: Innovative Pathways to Promoting Cultural Sensitivity Kenneth V. Hardy and Toby Bobes   IV. Tactics for Negotiating Difficult Dialogues in Supervision and Training  16. Politically Incorrect: Sense and Sensibilities for Culturally Astute Supervision and Training Sohleong Lim and Ben K. Lim  17. Dialogues about Power, Privilege, and Difference Toby Bobes  18. Mastering Diversity Talk: Practical Skills for Effective Engagement Kenneth V. Hardy


    Kenneth V. Hardy, PhD, is a professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is also director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships in New York, New York. He is the former director of clinical training and research at Syracuse University in New York as well as the former director of The Center for Children, Families, and Trauma at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York, New York. Dr. Hardy has had extensive experience training and supervising both beginning and seasoned therapists working in a variety of clinical settings.

    Toby Bobes, PhD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with experience in teaching graduate-level courses for 24 years and doing clinical supervision for 18 years. She currently teaches at Pacifica Graduate Institute and formerly taught at Antioch University. Her career includes 28 years in private practice. Dr. Bobes has taught many supervision courses for the California Division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and she is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and a CAMFT Certified Supervisor.

    “This refreshingly honest book pushes the boundaries of supervision and training by challenging supervisors and trainees to explore how their cultural identities inform their clinical work. Hardy, Bobes, and colleagues masterfully demonstrate how to have difficult cross-racial conversations, including experiential exercises that move trainees from awareness to self-reflection. Given the increasing need to understand the vastly different lived experiences of our changing world, this book trains clinicians to be part of that moral imperative.”—Laurie S. Kaplan, LCSW, Co-Director, Diversity and Social Work Training Program, Ackerman Institute for the Family, New York

    Culturally Sensitive Supervision and Training will not only become a must-read for supervision courses and classes in psychology, counseling, or other educational forums, but will be an invaluable resource for practitioners longstanding in the field as well as those newly in practice. The readings will not only validate some of current therapists’ experiences, but will help guide them to take new, more effective paths in their work. This is an outstanding, most welcomed contribution to the field!”—Matthew R. Mock, PhD, Professor of Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

    “The family therapy field finally has a supervision text of supreme quality that focuses our attention on self of the therapist work and dimensions of culture! Unlike other supervision texts, it doesn’t just give a cursory nod to culture. It provides a clear theoretical framework for understanding dimensions of culture and the relationship to power, privilege and oppression. This book is a resource that should be a required text for all MFTs and AAMFT Approved supervisors.”—Cadmona A. Hall, PhD, LMFT, FT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Associate Professor, Department of Couple & Family Therapy, Adler University

    Culturally Sensitive Supervision and Training takes a bold step in the right direction for those interested in integrating a culturally-sensitive and affirmative approach into their supervisory experience. Grounding the reader in both theory and practice-based examples in areas such as the use of the self-as-therapist, Hardy and Bobes provide deep insights into the effective practice of supervision intended to transform practice. A must-read for clinicians at all levels of experience in the field.”—Tricia Stephens, LCSW-R, PhD, Clinical Social Work Practitioner and Supervisor