1st Edition

Culture, Politics and Nationalism an the Age of Globalization

Edited By Reneo Lukic, Michael Brint Copyright 2001
    196 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This title was first published in 2001. Given current movements in global culture, technology, mobility, economic integration and regime transformation, what is it that can or does hold a community or political entity together? From a variety of perspectives, this text examines the cultural politics of nationalism, especially in the context of American culture and European politics where it is undergoing the most scrutiny. The first part of the volume explores the debates on the politics of national identity that surround global information and consumer distribution systems like the Internet. The second part offers a number of case studies of European domestic and foreign policy issues directly affected by arguments about cultural identity that have taken shape in the context of an increasingly global environment. Of particular interest in this volume is the tension often felt between France and the USA on the issue of culture, politics and nationalism.

    Preface, List of Contributors, Acknowledgements, PART I: NATIONAL CULTURAL NARRATIVES IN THE AGE OF GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY, 1. The Politics of Identity and The Culture of Global Technology, 2. Cultural Transmissions: Electronic Orality and Ergonomics of the Mind, 3. The /Esthetics of the Machine, 4. The Political Economy of Global Culture - A Case Study of the Film Industry, PART II: THE POLITICS OF NATIONAL CULTURAL IDENTITY - CASE STUDIES, 5. Russian Culturalist Arguments Against the Relevance of Democracy for Russia, 6. The Question of Multiculturalism in France, 7. The Anti-Americanism in France During the War in Kosovo


    Lukic, Reneo; Brint, Michael