Culture and Cognition : Readings in Cross-Cultural Psychology book cover
1st Edition

Culture and Cognition
Readings in Cross-Cultural Psychology

ISBN 9780367109936
Published April 26, 2021 by Routledge
504 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1974, studies of cultural influences on cognition, carried out from a variety of theoretical and methodological stances, were collected for the first time in this volume. The editors placed particular emphasis on selecting material by authors from many countries who had been working with people from a wide range of cultures. In a general introduction they provide an historical overview of the major issues, and draw together the most recent attempts to bring methodological sophistication to this difficult area of enquiry. Suggestions for future research on basic problems are to be found in an epilogue, along with a consideration of some possible applications of these studies to problems of education and social change. A comprehensive bibliography with over 600 entries is included in the volume.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements. Foreword by Dr S. Biesheuvel. Preface. Introduction: History and Method in the Cross-Cultural Study of Cognition Part 1: Quality and Variation of Cognitive Processes Introduction 1. Culture and Logical Process (1964) T. Gladwin 2. Studies in Ethnoscience (1964) W.C. Sturtevant 3. A Systemization of the Whorfian Hypothesis (1960) J.A. Fishman 4. An Experimental Study of Language and Nonlinguistic Behaviour (1958) H. Maclay 5. Cognitive Styles Across Cultures (1967) H.A. Witkin 6. Sensotypes (1966) M. Wober 7. Ecological and Cultural Factors in Spatial Perceptual Development (1971) J.W. Berry 8. Supernatural Beliefs and Changing Cognitive Structures Among Ghanaian University Students (1970) G. Jahoda 9. Some Experimental Studies of Kpelle Quantitative Behaviour (1968) M. Cole, J. Gay and J. Glick 10. Eidetic Images Among the Ibo (1964) L.W. Doob 11. Repeated Memory of Oral Prose in Ghana and New York (1970) B.M. Ross and C. Millsom Part 2: Cognitive Level and Attainment Introduction 12. The Nature of Intelligence: Some Practical Implications of its Measurement (1959) S. Biesheuvel 13. Radical Cultural Relativism and the Concept of Intelligence J.W. Berry 14. Cultural Differences and Inferences about Psychological Processes (1971) M. Cole and J.S. Bruner 15. Contributions of Ability and Attainment Testing in Africa to a General Theory of Intellect (1969) S.H. Irvine 16. Towards an Understanding of the Kiganda Concept of Intelligence M. Wober 17. The Effects of Familiarity on Classification (1971) O.M. Okonji Part 3: Cognitive Development: Piagetian Approaches Introduction 18. Need and Significance of Cross-Cultural Studies in Genetic Psychology (1966) J. Piaget 19. Cognitive Processes among Illiterate Children and Adults M.C. Bovet 20. Weight Conservation in Zambian Children: A Nonverbal Approach (1969) A. Heron and M. Simonsson 21. Skill and Conservation: A Study of Pottery-Making Children (1969) D. Price-Williams, W. Gordon and M. Ramirez 22. A Cross-Cultural Study of Classificatory Ability in Australia (1970) P.R. De Lacey 23. The Development of Spatial Concepts in Zulu Children M.M. De Lemos 24. The Influence of Ecology, Culture and European Contact on Cognitive Development in Australian Aborigines P.R. Dasen 25. Cross-Cultural Piagetian Research: A Summary (1972) P.R. Dasen. Epilogue. References. Name Index. Subject Index.

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