1st Edition

Culture and Social Behavior The Ontario Symposium, Volume 10

    294 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    282 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Cross-cultural differences have many important implications for social identity, social cognition, and interpersonal behavior. The 10th volume of the Ontario Symposia on Personality and Social Psychology focuses on East-West cultural differences and similarities and how this research can be applied to cross-cultural studies in general.

    Culture and Social Behavior covers a range of topics from differences in basic cognitive processes to broad level cultural syndromes that pervade social arrangements, laws, and public representations. Leading researchers in the study of culture and psychology describe their work and their current perspective on the important questions facing the field. Pioneers in the field such as Harry Triandis and Michael Bond present their work, along with those who represent some newer approaches to the study of culture. Richard E. Nisbett concludes the book by discussing the historical development of the field and an examination of which aspects of culture are universal and which are culture-specific. By illustrating both the diversity and vitality of research on the psychology of culture and social behavior, the editors hope this volume will stimulate further research from psychologists of many cultural traditions.

    Understanding cultural differences is now more important than ever due to their potential to spark conflict, violence, and aggression. As such, this volume is a "must have" for cultural researchers including those in social, cultural, and personality psychology, and interpersonal, cultural, and political communication, anthropology, and sociology.

    Contents: Preface. M.C. Ashton, H.A. Danso, G.R. Maio, V.M. Esses, M.H. Bond, D. Keung, Two Dimensions of Political Attitudes and Their Individual Difference Correlates: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. M.H. Bond, A Cultural-Psychological Model for Explaining Differences in Social Behavior: Positioning the Belief Construct. D. Cohen, E. Hoshino-Browne, Insider and Outsider Perspectives on the Self and the Social World. K.L. Dion, K.K. Dion, Culture and Relationships: The Downside of Self-Contained Individualism. S.J. Heine, Constructing Good Selves in Japan and North America. L-J. Ji, Culture and Lay Theories of Change. S. Kitayama, Y. Uchida, Interdependent Agency: An Alternative System for Action. W.Q.E. Perunovic, M. Ross, A.E. Wilson, Language, Culture, and Conceptions of the Self. R.M. Sorrentino, Y. Otsubo, S. Yasunaga, J. Nezlek, S. Kouhara, P. Shuper, Uncertainty Orientation and Social Behavior: Individual Differences Within and Across Cultures. H.C. Triandis, Issues in Individualism and Collectivism Research. J. Spencer-Rodgers, K. Peng, The Dialectical Self: Contradiction, Change, and Holism in the East Asian Self-Concept. R.E. Nisbett, The Ghosts of Cultural Psychology.


    Richard M. Sorrentino (Edited by) ,  Dov Cohen (Edited by) ,  James M. Olson (Edited by) ,  Mark P. Zanna