1st Edition

Culture and the Therapeutic Process A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

Edited By Mark M. Leach, Jamie Aten Copyright 2010
    336 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    336 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    While there are numerous resources for practitioners on the subject, the ambiguity remains of what actually constitutes effective multicultural counseling and psychotherapy and how it should be incorporated into their sessions.  This book addresses the question of how to apply current theories and research with a unique “start-to-finish” approach, examining the role culture plays in each stage of the therapeutic process, from before the clinical intake to termination.  Each chapter is devoted to one of these stages and provides practical strategies, techniques, examples, and case studies.  The reader will find new ways to consider the influence of culture and expand their own knowledge and skills as a practitioner.

    Leach, Aten, An Introduction to the Practical Incorporation of Culture into Practice.  Leach, Aten, Boyer, Strain, Bradshaw, Developing Therapist Self-awareness and Knowledge.  Fontes, Considering Culture in the Clinical Intake Interview and Report.  Paniagua, Assessment and Diagnosis in a Cultural Context.  Constantine, Miville, Kindaichi, Owens, Case Conceptualizations of Mental Health Counselors: Implications for the Delivery of Culturally Competent Care.  Johnson, Sandhu, Treatment Planning in a Multicultural Context: Some Suggestions for Counselors and Psychotherapists.  Roysircar, Gill, Cultural Encapsulation and Decapsulation of Therapist Trainees.  Utsey, Fischer, Belver, Culture and Worldview in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Recommended Approaches for Working with Persons from Diverse Sociocultural Backgrounds.  Ridely, Shaw-Ridley, Termination within the Context of Culture: A Three Phase Model.  Fukuyama, Phan, Looking through a Kaleidoscope: A Case Study.  Vandiver, Duncan, Toward Practicing Culturally Sound Counseling: A Synthesis of Current Clinical Research and Experience.


    Mark M. Leach, Jamie D. Aten

    Solidly grounded in personal experience, clinical knowledge, and research-based information, this volume contains a wealth of practically applicable suggestions and makes a strong and well-reasoned case for culture suffusing psychotherapy in all of its aspects.  It provides an excellent introduction to the field, but its fresh and novel approach makes it also attractive to seasoned clinicians immersed in practicing psychotherapy with a culturally diverse clientele. Juris G. Draguns, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

    This is a practical book on multiculturalism.  The contributors are experts, wise in experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge about culture and psychotherapy. If you see any diversity of clients (or do research on psychotherapy), this book will help you. Everett L. Worthington, Jr., PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University

    The editors and chapter authors of this book present an "inclusive" approach that goes beyond the question of ‘what is your culture’ to the more significant question of "who" are your culture teachers. The developmental sequence across chapters is complex and dynamic in contrast with other sometimes simplistic and stereotyped presentations about culture. Paul B. Pedersen, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Counseling and Human Services, Syracuse University; Visiting Professor, University of Hawaii