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    Culture/Place/Health is the first exploration of cultural-geographical health research for a decade, drawing on contemporary research undertaken by geographers and other social scientists to explore the links between culture, place and health. It uses a wealth of examples from societies around the world to assert the place of culture in shaping relations between health and place. It contributes to an expanding of horizons at the intersection of the discipline of geography and the multidisciplinary domain of health concerns.

    Table of contents, List of figures, List of boxes, Acknowledgements,Chapter 1:Introduction , Introduction, Culture, Place, Health, Narrating change. Chapter 2:Culture matters to health , Introduction, What is culture?, A brief history of traditional cultural geography, The emergence of a new cultural geography, Structuralism and humanism, postmodernism, Cultures of health, Cultural geographies of health, Cultural matters!, Further reading. Chapter 3:Studying culture/placing ourselves , Introduction, Surveying the field, The place of observation, Observation through participating/participating while observing, Embodied power, knowledge and observation, Interpreting texts, Conclusion, Further reading. Chapter 4:Structure and agency , Introduction, The structural approach, Unhealthy societies, The humanist approach, Deprived people, Integrating structure and agency, Treating the mad, Conclusions, Further reading. Chapter 5:Language/metaphor/health , Introduction, Word, words, words, Metaphors and meaning, Stories of illness, Knowledge, power, resistance, Medical encounters, And what about place?, Health and the media, Medical soaps, Imaginative literature, Listening to language, Further reading. Chapter 6:Cultural difference in health and place , Introduction, A woman's place in health care, Ethnic differences in health experience, Geographies of sexual orientation, People with disabilities, Conclusion, Further reading. Chapter 7:Landscapes of healing , Introduction, Nature as healer, Selling the places that heal, Symbolic healing landscapes, Therapeutic landscapes, Landscape/place/healing, Further reading. Chapter 8:Consumption, place and health , Introduction, The character of consumerism, The changing face of consumption landscapes, Symbolism, landscape and health care, Consumerist ideology in the landscape, Finding space for non-consumers, Conclusion, Further reading. Chapter 9:Conclusion , Introduction, Theoretical diversity, Key questions, The disciplinary/interdisciplinary tension, What makes a health geographer today? Bibliography


    Wilbert M. Gesler, Robin A. Kearns