Cultures and Practices of Coexistence from the Thirteenth Through the Seventeenth Centuries : Multi-Ethnic Cities in the Mediterranean World, Volume 1 book cover
1st Edition

Cultures and Practices of Coexistence from the Thirteenth Through the Seventeenth Centuries
Multi-Ethnic Cities in the Mediterranean World, Volume 1

ISBN 9780367544447
Published September 7, 2020 by Routledge
280 Pages 31 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book focuses on the ethnically composite, heterogeneous, mixed nature of the Mediterranean cities and their cultural heritage between the late middle ages and early modern times. How did it affect the cohabitation among different people and cultures on the urban scene? How did it mold the shape and image of cities that were crossroads of encounters, but also the arena of conflict and exclusion? The 13 case studies collected in this volume address these issues by exploring the traces left by centuries of interethnic porosity on the tangible and intangible heritage of cities such as Acre and Cyprus, Genoa and Venice, Rome and Istanbul, Cordoba and Tarragona.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Towards New Developments in Making Urban History

Rosa Tamborrino

Mediterranean Cities as Cultural Crossroads: An Introduction

Marco Folin and Antonio Musarra

Part 1: The Medieval City as a Cultural Crossroad

1. "A Dragon with Nine Heads": The Changing Reputation of Crusader Acre, c. 1191–c. 1291

Jan Vandeburie

2. Jews in Famagusta: Spatial and Visual Seclusion Under Italian Rule in the Levant

Tomasz Borowski

3. Economic Migrants or Commuters?: A Note on the Crews of Genoese Galleys in the Medieval Mediterranean, 14th–15th Centuries

Antonio Musarra

4. The Cultural Transformation of Genoese Galata from the Byzantine to the Ottoman Rule and its Reflection on the Church of San Domenico

Seda Sicimoğlu Yenikler

Part 2: The Multi-Ethnic Dimension of Early Modern "Metropolises"

5. Integrating the Foreigner: The Strategy of Inclusion in Renaissance Venice

Kiril Petkov

6. Polytopos in Early Modern Venetian Imagery

Letha Ch’ien

7. Neighbourhoods’ Surveillance of Margins: Negotiating Limits of Social Exclusion in Early Modern Istanbul (1530s–1590s)

Faika Çelik

8. Urban Ethnic Encounters: A Glimpse on the Different Ethnic Communities Living in an Istanbul Neighbourhood, the Mahalle-i Mâ’mûre, in the Late 16th Century

Emine Öztaner

Part 3: Mediators, Translators, Interpreters

9. The Hero of Two Worlds: Politics, Archeology and Passion for the Antique in the "Cultural Mediation" of Cyriac of Ancona between East and West, with a Note on the Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Giacomo Montanari

10. Spanish Rome and Roman Spain: Reconstructing the Past of Rome and Cordova in Early Modern Rome

Marta Albalá Pelegrín

11. The Career of Alfonso Ulloa (1529–1570) in Early Modern Venice: A Cosmopolitan Outlook of the 16th-Century Book Trade

Stefano Gulizia

12. Migration and the Continuity of a City: Lluis Pons d’Icart’s Libro de las grandezas de Tarragona (1572)

Javier Patiño Loira

13. Genoa in the Travel Diaries of Jehan Lhermite (1587) and Cesare Magalotti (1625): A City from "Paradise on Earth" to "Fury of Mars"

Margarita Ana Vázquez Manassero

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Marco Folin is Professor of History of Architecture at the University of Genoa.

Antonio Musarra is Researcher in Medieval History at Sapienza University of Rome.