1st Edition

Current Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Research and Innovations

    Globally the hospitality and tourism industry is evolving and undergoing radical changes. The past practices are now advancing through the rapid development of knowledge and skills acquired to adapt and create innovations in various ways. Hence, it is imperative that we have an understanding of the present issues so that we are able to remedy problems on the horizon.

    Current Issues in Hospitality and Tourism: Research and Innovations is a complilation of research in the broad realm of hospitality and tourism. This book is divided into eight sections covering the following broad themes:

    – Training and education (hospitality students learning);

    – Organization and management (practical issues and current trends in the hotel, catering and tourism industry);

    – Product and food innovation;

    – Marketing;

    – Islamic hospitality and tourism issues;

    – Gastronomy;

    – Current trends;

    – Tourism

    The contributions, from different parts of the globe, present a new outlook for future research, including theoretical revelations and innovations, environmental and cultural exploration aspects, tourist destinations and other recreation and ecotourism aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry. Current Issues in Hospitality and Tourism: Research and Innovations will be useful as a reference for academics, industry practitioners and policy makers, and for those with research interests in the fields of hotels, tourism, catering and gastronomy.

    Organizing committee

    Training and education

    Information Seeking Behaviour (ISB) among postgraduate students in Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
    N.’H. Che Ahmat,W.N.B.Wan Kamarudin, R. Abdul Aziz & S.M. Radzi

    Basic western cuisine modular system and students’ psychomotor performance: A case of Malaysia community colleges
    A.R. Reezlin, H. Ishak, M.S. Mohd Zahari &A. Inoormaziah

    The relationship between career development learning, workplace experience and employability among UiTM hospitality graduates
    H.F. Ariffin & H. Saedahtinnur

    Strategies in embedding hospitality students employability skills and employability level
    F. Mohd Napiah, M.I. Zulkifly, M.R. Jamaluddin & M.H. Mohd Hanafiah

    Career decision making among hospitality undergraduates in UiTM Shah Alam and Puncak Alam
    N. Putit, R. Atlas, H. Hanan, K. Ramie, L. Lua & R. Abd. Rahim

    Training and education of OSH practices in managing man-machine safety of food manufacturing firms in Malaysia
    M. Saad, M.S. Md. Sharif, P.S. Toh & E. Breukelman

    An overview of management training program in Malaysia hospitality organizations: A dual perspective
    A.B. Noor Diyana & N. Sumarjan

    Postgraduate’s thesis accomplishment: Issues on its attributable
    A.H. Hamizad, M.S. Mohd Zahari, M.N. Shuhirdy & N.M. Shahril

    Organization and management

    Achieving corporate social responsibility based on HR: Porto Marina Resort, Egypt
    R.Y. Zoweil & M.G. Montasser

    The moderating effect of employment type on the relationship between service standards and job performance in 4 and 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    N.H. Nazlan & A. Zainal

    The influence of ethical responsibility initiatives on perceived tour program quality and tour booking intention
    W. Marchoo & K. Butcher

    The role of cultural familiarity on customer satisfaction in the context of hotel service failure
    Trianasari, B. Sparks & K. Butcher

    Impact of service guarantee on empowerment, employee responsiveness in service recovery and service quality in the Malaysian upscale hotels
    A. Mohd Shahril, Y. Abdul Aziz, M. Othman & J. Bojei

    Emotional intelligence and turnover intention: The case of front office frontliners in Kuala Lumpur’s 5-star hotels
    R.I.P. Raja Mustapha,W.A.N.Wan Salman & S.M. Radzi

    Customer satisfaction towards service quality in the hotel industry in Melaka
    S.F. Yeo, S.L.F.Wee, M.L. Goh, J.M.S. Lam, S.H. Tan &T.A. Choon

    Sustainable tourism development practices of MICE venue provider in East Coast Region, Peninsula Malaysia
    M. Abd Hamid, N. Ismail, Z.I. Mohd Fuza, K.N. Ahmad & K.W. Awang

    Rail services perceptions and satisfaction of foreigners and its impact on their stay in Malaysia
    G.C. Saporna & S. Geetha

    Identifying job satisfaction dimensions among rank and file employees in selected budget hotels as correlates of organizational commitment and turnover intentions
    G.C. Saporna, S. Geetha & R.A. Claveria

    Direct financial compensation and future graduates career choice in hotel industry
    N.A. Ahmad, A. Abdul Aziz, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, A. Abdul Aziz & M.F.S. Bakhtiar

    Influential factors effecting fast food consumers’ intention to use menu labels in fast food restaurants: A conceptual framework
    S. Delvarani, M. Othman & H. Ghazali

    Revenue management practices and restaurant performance: A study on theme restaurants in Klang Valley, Malaysia
    M.H.I. Noorkhizan, S.M. Radzi, F.S.C. Abdullah &A.A. Azdel

    Boutique hotel business: A survey on tourist preference to stay at boutique hotels in Georgetown, Penang
    K.M. Ng & J.S.L. Low

    Barrier-free dining environment for the visually impaired: A case study of restaurant in Taichung, Taiwan
    W.-C. Chung & C-C. Lue

    Important Hong Kong shopping mall characteristics as perceived by tourists
    V.C.S. Heung & D. Kucukusta

    Occupancy improvement in serviced apartments: Customer profiling
    L.N. Fukey

    Hypermarket fresh foods’ attributes toward customer satisfaction
    M.F.S. Bakhtiar, M.S. Mohd Zahari, A.R. Azhar & M.S.Y. Kamaruddin

    Case study: Measuring service quality of homestay in Malacca using SERVQUAL matrix
    A.F. Mohd Khodri

    A clustering study of operational efficiency for international tourist hotels in Taiwan
    Y.H. Kuo, H.N. Jiang, Y.Z. Hung, F.Y. Su &Y.Z. Lee

    Organizational citizenship behavior of hotel employees: Investigating the impact of organizational justice
    M.A. Hemdi, M.A. Razali, N.R. Nik Abd Rashid & R. Nordin

    Global versus local HRM practices in the hospitality industry: The case of Greek luxury hotel managers
    C. Giousmpasoglou

    Assessment of service quality dimensions in the fast food restaurants
    Z. Mohi, H.C.Wu, R.P.S. Raja Abdullah, L.B. Jipiu &A.A. Abd Majid

    Effects of emotional labor on customer outcomes: Tourists’ perspectives
    L.S. Yiing, Y. Abdul Aziz, S. Md. Samsinar & R. Saleh

    Meal pace experience, customer satisfaction and customer revisit intention at casual dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
    H. Ismail, S. Amirhonarvari & S.M. Radzi

    The moderating effect of environmental variables on business strategy and performance of hotels in Batam Island, Indonesia
    A. Riyadi & S.M. Radzi

    The impact of perceived commercial hospitality on perceived service fairness and behavioral intentions
    M. Mohamed & A.A. Mohd Ariffin

    The impact of food safety practices on organizational performance
    M. Saad, P.S. Toh, M.A. Mohamed Adil & D.F. Moginon

    The relationship between occupational culture, organization tenure and occupational commitment of chefs in 4 and 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur
    F.A. Hanan &A. Zainal


    The relationship between product innovation and fusion cuisine in food and beverage establishments: A discussion on Turkish cuisine
    B. Erdem, M. Do˘gdubay & M. Sarıo˘glan

    GIS approach in promoting Perlis tourism
    E.S. Mokhtar, S.M.A.Wahab, N. Zainal & N.A. Yusof

    Ecotourism planning using remote sensing and GIS: A case study for Marvdasht, Iran
    M. Ghadiri Masoum, H. Nasiri, A. Hosseini & Y. Rafii

    The usage of ICT applications in 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    A. Abdul Aziz, M.F.S. Bakhtiar, N.’H. Che Ahmat, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin & N.A. Ahmad

    Food and beverage technology and employees’ acceptance in 4 and 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    M.S.M. Stamam, M. Nenin, R. Hashim & S.M. Radzi

    Pitaya powder potential as antioxidant functional ingredient in food products
    C.T. Chik, S. Bachok, N. Baba, A. Abdullah,W.A.Wan Mustapha & N. Abdullah

    Proximate compositions and physicochemical characteristic of soybean waste in chicken patty
    N. Baba, L.B. Jipiu, C.T. Chik & A.F. Amir

    The potential of nanotechnology application in improving bioactivity of Malaysian plants
    A. Norhidayah, A. Noriham & M. Rusop


    Customer relationship management in small and medium sized hotels
    S. Feiz, Z. Khalifah &A.R. Ghotbabadi

    Branding Kuching City as health tourism destination
    S.M. Abdul Hamid & N. Putit

    Creating new dimension in marketing new destination in Jordan: Suggested strategy for Aqaba region
    J.H. El-Harami

    Tourism representation of Malay myths and traditional values in destination marketing
    N.A. Razak

    From drinking to tasting: An exploration amongst Malaysian wine connoisseurs
    S.J. Dias

    Determination of food acceptance in restaurants and sensory evaluation laboratory
    C.T. Chik, S. Bachok & S. Sulaiman

    The role of price fairness, cleanliness and physical environment on customer retention in family restaurants
    M.H. Mohd Kamal, N.A. Rahim, N. Husin, R. Che Mat & I. Ismail

    Relationship between yield management practices and hotel performance: A study on 4 and 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur
    A.A. Khana & S.M. Radzi

    Measuring customer satisfaction: The case of Kelantan Delights Restaurant
    W.A.N.Wan Salman, N.M. Sebi, I.R. Othman & R.M. Yahyauddin

    The mediating effect of service quality on market orientation and business performance relationship of hotels in Klang Valley
    M.B. Lopez & S.M. Radzi

    A preliminary study of internal reference prices and purchase intentions in hotels
    M.T. Zimri @ Zamri, N. Sumarjan & A. Abdul Aziz

    Islamic hospitality and tourism

    The expectations of Muslim religious customers in the lodging industry: The case of Turkey
    I.M. Ozdemir & O. Met

    Pull and push motivation in Islamic tourism
    Y.H. Nik Muhammad Naziman, S. Idrus, N.F. Mohd Aznan & R. Musa

    Detection of non halal ingredient for halal verification in bakery and confectionery in Malaysia
    S. Bachok, C.T. Chik, A. Arsat, J. Jamil & M. Abd Ghani

    Muslim guest perception of value towards Syariah concept hotel
    A. Zulkharnain & A.J. Salamiah


    Contesting locality and sustainability of food tourism in Taiwan
    H.A. Su

    Routine of cooking practices among Malaysian working women
    M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, S.K.A. Bakar, M.S. Mohd Zahari & M.F.S. Bakhtiar

    Indigenous food and destination marketing
    D.F. Moginon, P.S. Toh & Mazni Saad

    Acculturation, foodways and Malaysian food identity
    I. Noriza, M.S. Mohd Zahari, M.S. Shazali, M. Rosmaliza & S. Hannita

    Traditional Food Knowledge (TFK) of Malay festive foods
    M.S. Md. Sharif, M.S. Mohd Zahari, N. Ishak, R. Muhammad, A. Md. Noor & H. Mohd. Salleh

    Homestay destination: Assessing destination’s food image, tourists’ satisfaction and tourists’ revisit intention
    H.F. Talhah & R. Hashim

    International tourist acceptance of Sabah’s gastronomy product
    A.M. Noor, M.R. Remeli & M.H. Mohd Hanafiah

    Are gastronomic products important to Malaysian tour operators?
    M.Y. Nuraisyah, M.S. Mohd Zahari, A. Inoormaziah & O. Zulhan

    Displacement: Orang Asli socio-culture and food practices
    N.M. Shahril, M.S. Mohd Zahari, A.H. Hamizad & M.N. Shuhirdy

    Ramadan bazaar, international tourists’ attraction and disseminating information behaviour
    A.K. Noor Ibtisam, M.S. Mohd Zahari, S.M. Radzi & S. Izni

    Gastronomy in Malay feasts: Sociological changes and modernization
    M.R. Alina Shuhaida, M.S. Mohd Zahari, A. Roslina, M. Rosmaliza & M. Aishah@Eshah

    Current trend

    Impact of information exchange of e-Word-of-Mouth towards intention to purchase
    A.N. Zamzuri, M.S. Mohd Zahari & S.M. Radzi

    Visitors’ preferences on travel website content
    N. Mohd Akhuan, F. Fazil & S.S. Abdul Hamid

    User reluctance to post online recommendation: A Brunei case study
    D.I.N.F. Pengiran-Kahar

    Teenagers’ involvement in the night club: A case study of Langkawi Island
    A.M. Sultana, A.S. Lazim & M.M. Akonb

    Social Network Sites (SNS) as purchase intention predictor for foodservice marketing on students with access to internet
    A.S. Jais & P.S. Toh

    E-payments: How Malaysian restaurant operators and customer respond?
    S. Zurena @ Rena & M.S. Mohd Zahari


    Tourist stimulus to attend Penang International Dragon Boat Festival
    M.H. Mohd Hanafiah, N.I. Ismail & N.N. Mohamad

    Heritage tourism management in theWorld Heritage Sites, Malaysia: Legal and planning issues
    S.S. Sulaiman, N. Yahaya & R. Md. Khalid

    Customer experience study on Tidal Bore Festival Sri Aman, Sarawak 2011
    R. Atlas & N. Putit

    Local community participation in sustainable tourism planning of Malaysian protected areas
    A. Abdul Gani, K.W. Awang, Z. Samdin &A. Mohd

    An exploratory study on the determinants of repeat visitation to Melaka among Melaka’s university students
    S.L.F.Wee, M. Tan, K.P. Tan, S.F. Yeo &V.Woo

    Product development and sustainable rural tourism: The case of Kilim Geopark, Langkawi
    M. Jaafar, A. Marzuki & N. Mohd Bakri

    Preliminary study on sustainable community development through the homestay programme
    S. Mohamad Nor, K.W. Awang, N.W. Ismail &A. Radam

    The cultural observations of volunteers during an amateur international sporting event
    E.J. Trolan

    Important attributes that affect tourist’s decision to visit Penang as a medical tourism destination
    K.M. Ng & E.S. Tianhuei

    The effect of tourism experience on elderly with chronic pain
    S. Alizadeh-Fard & M.K. Sarpoolaky

    Destination competitiveness, tourism performance and resident’s quality of life
    Z. Zainuddin, P. Hilmy, A. Ghafar, M.S. Mohd Zahari & S.M. Radzi

    Environmental protection culture – perspective of tourists in a water-based tourist destination
    N.’A. Yusof

    Tourism receipts, education and economic growth in Malaysia
    C.L. Cheam & C. Ong Soon

    Medical tourism destination brand positioning model
    S. Idrus, R. Musa, Y.H. Nik Muhammad Naziman, N.F. Mohd Aznan, A. Yaacob@Othman & N. Mohd Pauzi

    Strategies for improving leisure spaces position with an emphasis on urban regeneration: A case study of Ghaytarieh neighborhood, Tehran
    A. Pourahmad, A. Hosseini & H. Nasiri

    The role of security in development of tourism
    A. Daneshvarinasab

    Hot sleeping beauties: Touristic development potential of hot thermal springs inWest Malaysia
    K.Wagner, N. Salim & B. Mohamed

    Tourist satisfaction with overall tour guiding experience in Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia
    S.E. Tan, Y.A. Aziz, K.W. Awang & S. Zaiton

    Tourism area life-cycle model and its applicability to lodging development of Langkawi Island, Malaysia
    N. Hazmi, S.I. Omar & B. Mohamed

    Impacts of physical development on Malaysia Islands: How island tourism survives?
    M.F. Sazali, M. Muhibudin & B. Mohamed

    Malta: A tourism destination to the land of the Goddess
    L. Laganà

    The relationship between recreational quality and desert tourism development in Esfahan, Iran
    S. Tarzaban &A. Zainal

    Religious tourism: Shiite shrine a powerful tool for regional development for Mashhad City, Iran
    R.S. Hosseini &A. Zainal

    Exploring nature based hiking experiences at the Mount Datuk in Malaysia
    N. Mohd Amin & P. Chhetri

    Sustainable tourism development and stakeholders’ networking: A case study on medical tourism in Malaysia
    K.M. Azmi & K.W. Awang

    Assessment of the socio-cultural impacts of ecotourism development in Penang National Park, Malaysia
    M.M. Huda Farhana, L.K.L. Vivien, M.A.A. Zaman & Z. Noor Aini

    The image representation of Taiwan: An analysis of a travel guidebook
    P. Hsieh

    Stakeholder engagement for sustainable tourism development: A study of local authorities in Malaysia
    A.K. Siti Nabiha, N.H. Md Saad & R. Mahadi

    Foreign tourists’ perception on the safety and security measures in Kuala Lumpur
    A.F. Amir, M.N.I. Ismail, M.H. Mohd Hanafiah & N. Baba

    Strategies for sustainable wetland tourism in Iran and its environmental impact: A case study of AnzaliWetland
    M. Khoshkam & A. Marzuki

    A study of international tourists’ motivation, satisfaction and behavioral intentions to patronize Malaysian hospitality industry
    N.C. Musa, M.M. Tajudin & M. Saeed Siddiq

    Government’s role in Malaysian homestay program
    Y. Yusnita, I. Yahaya, M. Mohd Shaladdin & W.M.A.Wan Abd Aziz

    The need and opportunity of establishing a tourism information and promotion center in Oltenia under the mountain
    E. Constanta, E. Constantin, S. Carina & P. Daniela

    Goal programming model for self-drive tourism route selection: A case study in Langkawi
    Z. Hashim & W.R. Ismail

    The obstructions for sustainable tourism development in rural areas
    M.S.M. Aslam, K.W. Awang, Z. Samdin & N. Othman

    Neighbouring countries tourism demand implication on Malaysia’s tourism exports
    A. Roslan, Mohd A.A. Bakar & Y.H. Aw

    A synchronic investigation of the significance of foreign languages for the tourism trade in Malaysia
    S.H. Chan, A.N. Abdullah & S. Rafik-Galea

    Tourist friendly destination concept: Analysis in macro level perspectives
    A.N.A. Anuar, H. Ahmad, H. Jusoh & M.Y. Hussain

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    S.M. Radzi, A. Zainal, R. Hashim, C.T. Chik, R Abu