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Current Issues in Psychobiology

About the Series

Current Issues in Psychobiology is a series of edited books that reflect the state of current and emerging topics of interest in biological psychology.

Each volume makes a conceptual contribution to the topic by reviewing or synthesizing the existing research literature, by advancing theory in the area, or by some combination of these missions. The books are tightly focused on a particular topic and consists of seven to twelve chapters contributed by international experts. The editors of individual volumes are leading figures in their areas and provide an introductory overview.

The series is useful reading for students, academics, and researchers of biological psychology and related disciplines.

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Psychobiological Issues in Substance Use and Misuse

Psychobiological Issues in Substance Use and Misuse

1st Edition

Edited By Philip Murphy
December 30, 2020

In this book, Murphy brings together a team of international experts to review cutting-edge scientific literature from the field of psychobiology and related disciplines which addresses important questions and broadens our understanding of substance use behaviours. The reader is introduced to the ...

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