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Current Plant Science: Novel Concepts and Innovative Strategies

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The "stand alone are from a perspective of the financial arrangement" volumes under this series will address the requirements of a broad section of readers. Students/scholars of all levels will get a lot of valuable reading material required for their courses and research. Scientists will get information on concepts, strategies, and clues useful for their researches. Private companies will get information on potential resources of plant materials, and expertise, and also their requirements. In brief, the contents of this series have been aimed to fulfill the demands of students, teachers, scientists and industry people, policy makers, and for small to large libraries. Students, faculties or scientists involved in various subjects will be benefited from this series, Botany, Biochemistry, Physiology, Evolution, Ecology, Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Environmental Science, Genetic Engineering, Plant Breeding, Entomology, Pathology, Nematology, Virology, Agronomy, Horticulture, Climatology, Forestry, Ecology, just to name a few. Besides, the policy makers, funding agencies and social activists will also learn about the recent trends in plant sciences and how to prioritize their action plans.

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Genomic Selection in Plants A Guide for Breeders

Genomic Selection in Plants: A Guide for Breeders

1st Edition

Edited By Ani A. Elias, Shailendra Goel
August 18, 2022

Genomic selection (GS) is a promising tool in the field of breeding especially in the era where genomic data is becoming cheaper. The potential of this tool has not been realized due to its limited adaptation in various crops. Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) has been the method of choice for plant ...

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