5th Edition

Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery

    1183 Pages 1535 B/W Illustrations
    by Teton NewMedia

    Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, Fifth Edition provides current information regarding surgical techniques from the perspective of clinicians who are performing specific procedures on a regular basis. It is intended to be concise, well illustrated, and reflective of the writer’s experience, both good and bad. The emphasis with this volume is technique. The pathophysiologic priniciples and applications are covered in the companion volume, Mechanisms of Disease in Small Animal Surgery, Third Edition. These two books are regarded by most practitioners and students as being a two-volume set.

    Part 1: Soft Tissue

    Section A. Surgical Principles

    Chapter 1

    Selection and Use of Currently Available Suture Materials and Needles; Daniel D. Smeak

    Chapter 2: Bandaging and Drainage Techniques

    Bandaging Open Wounds; Mark W. Bohling and Steven F. Swaim

    Wound Drainage Techniques; Mark W. Bohling and Steven F. Swaim

    Chapter 3: Electrosurgery and Laser Surgery

    Electrosurgical Techniques; Robert B. Parker

    Radiofrequency; A.D. Elkins

    Laser Surgery; Kenneth E. Bartels

    Chapter 4

    Oncologic Surgery; Earl Calfee

    Chapter 5

    Tumor Biopsy Principles and Techniques; Nicole Ehrhart, Steven J.Withrow, & Susan M. Larue

    Chapter 6

    Supplemental Oxygen Delivery and Feeding Tube Techniques

    Nasal, Nasopharyngeal, Nasoesophageal, Nasotracheal, Nasogastric, and Nasoenteric Tubes: Insertion and Use; Dennis T. Crowe, Jr. & Jennifer Devey

    Esophagostomy Tube Placement and Use; Dennis T. Crowe, Jr. & Jennifer Devey

    Use of Jejunostomy and Enterostomy Tubes; Chad Devitt and Howard B. Seim , III

    Chapter 7

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Endosurgery; Lynnetta J. Freeman & James E. Bailey

    Thoracoscopy; Eric Monnet

    Arthroscopy; Kurt S. Schulz

    Chapter 8

    Microvascular Surgical Instrumentation and Application; Otto L. Lanz & Daniel A. Degner

    Chapter 9

    Pain Management in the Small Animal Patiens; Stephanie H. Berry & Richard V. Broadstone

    Section B. Nervous System and Organs of Special Sense

    Chapter 10: Nervous System

    Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors; Daniel M. Brehm

    Peripheral Nerve Biopsy; John H. Rossmeisl, Jr.

    Chapter 11: Muscle Biopsy; John H. Rossmeisl, Jr.

    Chapter 12: Eye

    Surgery of the Eyelids; Phillip Pickett

    Surgery of the Conjunctiva and Cornea; Jamie J. Schorling and Ian P. Herring

    Imbrication Technique for Replacement of Prolapsed 3rd Eyelid Gland; Stacey Andrew

    Enucleation and Orbital Exenteration; Ian P. Herring

    Chapter 13: Ear


    Suture Technique for Repair of Aural Hematoma; Paul E. Cechner

    Sutureless Technique for Repair of Aural Hematoma; M. Joseph Bojrab and Georghe M. Constantinescu

    External Ear Canal

    Treatment of Otitis Externa; M. Joseph Bojrab and Georghe M. Constantinescu

    Vertical Ear Canal Ablation; M. Joseph Bojrab and Georghe M. Constantinescu

    Total Ear Canal Ablation and Lateral Bulla; Daniel D. Smeak

    Ventral Bulla Osteotomy; David E. Holt

    Section C. Digestive System

    Chapter 14: Oral cavity

    Exodontic Therapy; Mark M. Smith

    Repair of Cleft Palate; Eric R. Pope and Georghe M. Constantinescu

    Repair of Oronasal Fistulas; Eric R. Pope and Georghe M. Constantinescu

    Maxillectomy and Premaxilectomy; William S. Dernell, Peter D. Schwarz, and Stephen J. Withrow

    Mandibulectomy; William S. Dernell, Peter D. Schwarz, and Stephen J. Withrow

    Surgery of the Tongue, Lips, and Cheek; Laura D. Dvorak and Earl F. Calfee III

    Chapter 15: Pharynx

    Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia; Eberhard Rosin (Deceased)

    Oropharyngeal Polyps in Cats; Jacqueline R. Davidson

    Chapter 16: Salivary Glands; Michael D. King and Don R. Waldron

    Chapter 17: Esophagus

    Management of Esophageal Foreign Bodies; Michael S. Leib and Don R. Waldron

    Esophageal Hiatal Hernia Repair; Ronald M. Bright

    Chapter 18: Exploratory Ceiliotomy; Harry W. Booth, Jr.

    Chapter 19: Stomach

    Principles of Gastric and Pyloric Surgery; Maria A. Fahie

    Gastrotomy; Maria A. Fahie

    Gastrectomy; Maria A. Fahie

    Partial-Thickness Resection via Gastrotomy Incision; Maria A. Fahie

    Y – U Antral Flap Pyloroplasty; Maria A. Fahie

    Billroth 1(Gastroduadenostomy); Maria A. Fahie

    Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus; Jacqueline R. Davidson

    Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus: Surgical Treatment; Amelia M. Simpson

    Incisional Gastropexy; Douglas M. MacCoy

    Circumcostal Gastropexy; Gary W. Ellison

    Laparoscopic Gastropexy Technique; Don R. Waldron

    Chapter 20: Intestines

    Enterotomy; Gary W. Ellison

    Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis; Gary W. Ellison

    Subtotal Colectomy in the Cat; Ron M. Bright

    Surgery of the Colon and Rectum; Brian T. Huss

    Management of Rectal Prolapse; Mark H. Engen

    Anal Sac Removal; Roy F. Barnes and Sandra Manfra Marretta

    Nonsurgical Management of Perianal Fistulas; Dean Fillipowicz

    Excisional Techniques for Perianal Fistulas; Gary W. Ellison

    Chapter 21: Liver, Biliary System, Pancreas

    Hepatobiliary Surgery; Robert A. Martin and Michael D. King

    Congenital Portosystemic Shunts in Dogs and Cats; Karen M. Tobias

    Cellophane Banding of Portosystemic Shunts; Geraldine B. Hunt

    Pancreatic Surgery; Elizabeth M. Hardie

    Surgery and Pancreatitis; James M. Fingeroth

    Chapter 22: Diaphragm

    Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia; Jamie R. Bellah

    Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias; Jamie R. Bellah

    Chapter 23: Peritoneum and Abdominal Wall

    Closure of Abdominal Incisions; Eberhard Rosin (Deceased)

    Closed Peritoneal Drainage; Giselle Hosgood

    Omentum as a Surgical Tool; Giselle Hosgood

    Section D. Respiratory System

    Chapter 24: Nasal Cavity

    Resection of the Nasal Planum; Rodney C. Straw

    Rhinotomy Techniques; Cheryl S. Hedlund

    Chapter 25: Larynx

    Brachycephalic Syndrome; Cheryl S. Hedlund

    Treatment of Laryngeal Paralysis with Unilateral Cricoarytenoid Laryngoplasty (a form of Arytenoid Laterlization; Thomas R. LaHue

    Chapter 26: Trachea

    Treatment of Tracheal Collapse; Ring Prosthesis Technique; H. Phil Hobson

    Treatment of Tracheal Collapse with Intraluminal Stenting; Charles Chick W. C. Weisse

    Tracheal Resection and Anastomosis; Roger B. Fingland

    Permanent Tracheostomy; Cheryl S. Hedlund

    Chapter 27: Lung and Thoracic Cavity

    Thoracic Approaches; Dianne Dunning

    Pulmonary Surgical Techniques; Dianne Dunning

    Thoracic Drainage; Dennis T. Crowe and Jennifer Devey

    Chapter 28: Thoracic Wall

    Thoracic Wall Neoplasia; Dennis E. Olsen

    Management of Flail Chest; Dennis E. Olsen

    Section E. Urogenital System

    Chapter 29: Kidney and Ureter

    Nephrectomy; Eberhard Rosin (Deceased)

    Nephrotomy; Nancy Zimmerman-Pope and Michael D. King

    Nephroliths and Ureteroliths in Cats; S. Kathleen Salisbury

    Extracorporal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy; India F. Lane

    Laser Lithotripsy for Treatment of Canine Urolithiasis; Ellen B. Davidson-Dominick

    Renal Transplantation; Lillian R. Aronson

    Ectopic Ureter; Mary A. McLoughlin

    Chapter 30: Urinary Bladder

    Cystotomy and Cystectomy; Elizabeth Arnold Stone and Andrew E. Kyles

    Cystostomy Tube Placement; Julie D. Smith

    Colposuspension for Urinary Incontinence; Elizabeth Arnold Stone

    Chapter 31: Urethra

    Surgical Management of Urethral Calculi in the Dog; Don R. Waldron

    Canine Scrotal Urethrostomy; Daniel D. Smeak

    Perineal Urethrostomy in the Cat; M. Joseph Bojrab and Georghe M. Constatinescu

    Prepubic Urethrostomy in the Cat; Richard A. S. White

    Management of Urethral Trauma; Jamie R. Bellah

    Surgical Treatment of Urethral Prolapse in Male Dogs; John A. Kirsch and J. G. Hauptman

    Chapter 32: Prostate

    Surgery of the Prostate; Clarence A. Rawlings

    Use of Omentum in Prostatic Drainage; Richard A. S. White

    Chapter 33: Uterus

    Prepubertal Ovariohysterectomy; Lisa M. Howe

    Ovariohysterectomy; Roger B. Fingland and Don R.Waldron

    Laparoscopic Ovariohysterectomy; Robert Hancock

    Cesarean Section: Traditional Approach; Curtis W. Probst and Trevor N. Bebchuck

    Cesarean Section by Ovariohysterectomy; Holly S. Mullen

    Chapter 34: Vagina and Vulva

    Surgical Treatment of Vaginal and Vulvar Masses; Ghery D. Pettit

    Episioplasty; Dale E. Bjorling

    Episiotomy; Roy F. Barnes and Sandra Manfra - Maretta

    Chapter 35: Testicles

    Prepubertal Castration; Lisa M. Howe

    Orchiectomy of Descended and Retained Testicles in the Dog and Cat; Stephen W. Crane

    Chapter 36: Penis and Prepuce

    Surgical Procedures of the Penis; H. Phil Hobson

    Section F. Endocrine System

    Chapter 37: Endocrine System

    Adrenalectomy; Stephen D. Gilson, Lillian Brady Rizzo, and Akito Mitsui

    Thyroidectomy in the Dog and Cat; Stephen J. Birchard

    Section G. Hernias

    Chapter 38: Hernias

    Incisional Hernia Repair; Daniel D. Smeak

    Inguinal Hernia Repair in the Dog; Paul W. Dean, M. Joseph Bojrab, and Georghe M. Constantinescu

    Perineal Hernia Repair in the Dog; F. A. Mann, Georghe M.Constantinescu, and Mark A. Anderson

    Prepubic Hernia Repair; Daniel D. Smeak

    Section H. Integument

    Chapter 39: Onychectomy; Jonathon M. Miller and Don R. Waldron

    Chapter 40: Mastectomy Techniques; H. J. Harvey and Jonathon M. Miller

    Chapter 41: Skin Grafting and Reconstruction Techniques

    Skin Grafting Techniques; Michael M. Pavletic

    Mesh Skin Grafting; Eric R. Pope

    Microsurgical Reconstruction Applications; J. David Fowler

    Paw and Distal Limb Salvage and Reconstructive Techniques; Mark W. Bohling and Stephen F. Swaim

    Section I. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic

    Chapter 42: Heart and Great Vessels

    Conventional Ligation of Patent Ductus Arteriosus; Eric Monnet

    Surgical Correction of Pulmonic Stenosis; Jill E. Sackman and D. J. Krahwinkel,Jr.

    Interventional Catheterization for Congenital Heart Disease; Jonathan Abbott

    Surgical Correction of Persistent Right Aortic Arch; Gary W. Ellison

    Surgical Treatment of Pericardial Disease and Cardiac Neoplasia; John Berg

    Chapter 43: Lymphatics and Lymph Nodes

    Surgical Management of Chylothorax; Mary Ann Radlinsky

    Transdiaphragmatic Approach to Thoracic Duct Ligation in Cats; Robert A. Martin

    Lymph Node Biopsy; Mary Ann Radlinsky

    Chapter 44: Spleen

    Surgery of the Spleen; Dale E. Bjorling

    Section J. Exotic Species

    Chapter 45: Surgical Techniques in Small Exotic Animals

    Surgery of Pet Ferrets; Neal L. Beeber

    Anal Sac Resection in the Ferret; James E. Creed

    Soft Tissue Surgery in Reptiles; Steve J. Mehler and R. Avery Bennett

    Abdominal Surgery of Pet Rabbits; Cathy A. Johnson-Delaney


    Section K. Axial Skeleton

    Chapter 46: Skull and Mandible

    Surgical Repair of Fractures of the Mandible and Maxilla; Mauricio Dujowich

    Acrylic Pin Splint External Skeletal Fixators for Mandibular Fractures; Dennis N. Aron

    Chapter 47: Cervical Spine

    Cervical Disc Fenestration; M. Joseph Bojrab

    Ventral Slot Decompression for Treatment of Cervical Intervertebral Disc Herniation; Karen L. Kline and Kenneth A. Bruecker

    Treatment of Caudal Cervical Spondylomyelopathy in Large Breed Dogs; Kenneth A. Bruecker

    Surgical Treatment of Atlantoaxial Instability; K. S. Schulz

    Surgical Treatment of Fractures of the Cervical Spine; Karen L. Kline and Kenneth A. Bruecker  

    Chapter 48: Thoracolumbar and Sacral Spine

    Lateral Intervertebral Disc Fenestration; James A. Creed and Daniel J. Yurraspe

    Prophylactic Thoracolumbar Disc Fenestration Through a Ventral Approach; M. Joseph Bojrab

    Hemilaminectomy of the Cranial Thoracic Region; James A. Biggart

    Hemilaminectomy of the Caudal Thoracic and Lumbar Spine; Karl A. Kraus and John M. Weih

    Modified Dorsal Laminectomy for Thoracolumbar Disc Disease; Eric J. Trotter

    Surgical Treatment of Cauda Equina Syndrome; Guy B. Tarvin and Timothy M. Lenehan

    Surgical Treatment of Fractures / Dislocations of theThoracolumbar and Sacral Spine; Kenneth A. Bruecker and Karen L. Kline

    Section L. Fracture Fixation Techniques and Bone Grafting

    Chapter 49: Fixation with Pins and Wires

    Application of Cerclage and Hemi-cerclage Wires; Sharon C. Kerwin

    Application of Steinmann Pins and K-Wires; Sharon C. Kerwin

    Application of Tension Band Fixation; Karl H. Kraus

    Interlocking Nails; Kenneth Johnson

    Chapter 50: Fixation with Screws and Bone Plates

    Application of Cortical and Cancellous Screws as Lag Screws or Positional Screws; Brian Beale

    Application of Bone Plates in Compression,Neutralization, or Buttress Mode; Daniel A. Koch

    SOP Plate Fixation; Karl A. Kraus and Malcolm G. Ness

    Chapter 51: Plate-Rod Fixation

    Application of Plate-Rod Constructs for Fixation Management of Complex Shaft Fractures; Donald A. Hulse

    Chapter 52: External Skeletal Fixation

    Basic Principles for External Fixation; James P. Toombs

    Application of the Acrylic and Pin External Fixator (APEF); James P. Toombs and Erik L. Egger

    Application of the Securos External Fixator; Karl H. Kraus

    Application of the IMEX- SK External Fixator; James P. Toombs

    Application of Ring Fixators; Daniel D. Lewis and James P. Farese

    Application of Hybrid Constructs; Robert M. Radasch

    Chapter 53: Bone Grafts and Implants

    Harvesting and Application of Cancellous Bone Autografts; James P. Toombs

    Collection of Corticocancellous Bone Graft from the Canine Ilium Using an Acetabular Reamer; Colin W. Sereda and Daniel D. Lewis

    Harvesting, Storage, and Application of Cortical Allografts; Kenneth R. Sinibaldi

    Distraction Osteogenesis as an Alternative to Bone Grafting; Nicole Ehrhart

    Section M. Appendicular Skeleton – Thoracic Limb

    Chapter 54: Scapula and Shoulder Joint

    Repair of Scapular Fractures; Randy Willer

    Surgical Treatment of Shoulder Luxations; Kent Talcott

    Surgical Treatment of Osteochondritis Dissecans Of The Shoulder; Dean R. Gahring

    Surgical Treatment of Biceps Brachi Tendon Injury; James L. Cook

    Excision Arthroplasty of the Glenoid Rim and Humeral Head; Donald L. Piermattei

    Arthrodesis of the Shoulder; Arnold S. Lesser

    Chapter 55: Humerus and Elbow Joint

    Repair of Humeral Fractures; Dennis A. Jackson

    Treatment of Elbow Luxations; Robert Taylor

    Surgical Treatment of Ununited Anconeal Process of the Elbow; Ursula Krotscheck

    Surgical Treatment of Fragmented Coronoid Process; Ursula Krotscheck

    Total Elbow Arthroplasty in the Dog; Michael G. Conzemius

    Arthodesis of the Elbow; Arnold S. Lesser

    Chapter 56: Radius and Ulna

    Repair of Fractures of the Radius and Ulna; Curtis W. Probst

    Correction of Radial and Ulnar Growth Deformities Resulting from Premature Physeal Closure; Dominique J. Griffon and Ann L. Johnson

    Chapter 57: Carpus, Metacarpus, and Phalanges

    Classification and Treatment of Injuries to the Accessory Carpal Bone; Kenneth A. Johnson

    Surgical Treatment of Injuries to the Antebrachial Carpal Joint and Carpus; Alesandro Piras and Jon F. Dee

    Partial Carpal Arthrodesis; Thomas Van Gundy

    Pancarpal Arthrodesis; Arnold S. Lesser

    Repair of Fractures Involving Metabones and Phalanges; Alesandro Piras and Jon F. Dee

    Chapter 58

    Amputation of the Forelimb; William R. Daly

    Section N. Appendicular Skeleton – Pelvic Limb

    Chapter 59: Sacroiliac Joint, Pelvis, and Hip Joint

    Repair of Sacroiliac Dislocations; Charles E. DeCamp

    Trans-ilial /Trans-sacral Pinning of Sacral Fractures; Randall B. Fitch

    Repair of Ilial Shaft Fractures; Timothy M. Lenehan, Guy B. Tarvin, and Charisse D. Davidson

    Surgical Repair of Acetabular Fractures; Marvin L. Olmstead

    Reduction Treatment of Coxofemoral Luxations; James L. Tomlinson

    Hip Dysplasia

    Algorithms for Treatment; Barclay Slocum and Theresa Devine Slocum

    Diagnostic test; Barclay Slocum and Theresa Devine Slocum

    Radiographic Characteristics; Theresa Devine Slocum and Barclay Slocum

    Definitions of Hip Terms; Barclay Slocum and Theresa Devine Slocum

    Treatment of Hip Dysplasia

    Femoral Neck Lengthening; Barclay Slocum and Theresa Devine Slocum

    Triple Pelvic Osteotomy; Barclay Slocum and Theresa Devine Slocum

    Intertrochanteric Osteotomy; Terry D. Braden

    DARthroplasty; Dean R. Gahring and Theresa Devine Slocum

    Total Hip Arthroplasty in the Dog; Marvin L. Olmstead

    Excision Arthroplasty of the Femoral Head and Neck; Joseph M. Prostredny

    Chapter 60: Femur and Stifle Joint

    Repair of Femoral Fractures; Dougald R. Gilmore

    Repair of Patellar Fractures; Derek B. Fox

    Surgical Repair of Patellar Luxations; Guy B. Tarvin and Timothy M. Lenehan

    Modified Retinacular Imbrication for Treatment of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture; Susan L. Schaefer

    Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy for Treatment of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture; Ross H. Palmer

    "Over-the-Top" Patellar Tendon Graft for Treatment of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair; Guy B. Tarvin and Steven Arnoczky

    Surgical Treatment of Caudal Cruciate Ligament Rupture; Joseph Harari

    Surgical Treatment of Collateral Ligament Injuries; Erik L. Egger

    Treatment of Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Canine Stifle; Ron Montgomery

    Chapter 61: Tibia and Tarsus

    Repair of Tibial Fractures; Ann L. Johnson

    Repair of Malleolar Fractures; Brian Beale

    Prosthetic Ligament Replacement for Severe Tarsocrural Joint Instability; Dennis N. Aron

    Repair of Fractures of the Tarsus; William G. Marshall and Jon F. Dee

    Surgical Treatment of Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Talus; Brian Beale

    Tibiotarsal Arthrodesis and Other Tarsal Arthrodesis Procedures; Arnold S. Lesser

    Section O. Orthopedic Bandaging and Splinting Techniques

    Chapter 62

    Commonly Used Bandages and Slings; Robert Jones

    Bandage; David W. Knapp

    Ehmer Sling; Paul W. Dean

    90°-90° Flexion Bandage for Distal Femoral Fractures in Young Dogs; Dennis N. Aron

    Chapter 63: Commonly Used Splinting and Casting techniques

    Splinting Techniques; Douglas N. Lange and Kenneth E. Bartels

    Synthetic and Plaster Casts; Douglas N. Lange and Kenneth E. Bartels


    M. Joseph Bojrab, Don Ray Waldron, James P. Toombs

    "This book has over the past months rapidly become my go to reference when I need to quickly read up on general procedure or the basic options available for a condition… As the authors intended this book is perfect for a student or general practitioner who wants to be able to review and perform common surgical procedures that may be routinely in general practice" – Chris Allen, Veterinary Supplies Magazine

    "The long-awaited fifth edition of 'the' reference in surgery is out! This collective work (I counted more than 70 contributors!) provides the veterinary practitioner with the latest surgical knowledge. The various authors go beyond scalpel techniques: analgesia, bandaging, microsurgery, laser surgery, or diagnostic tests, to name only a few, are detailed and clearly explained in the 1163 pages. They are also backed up by numerous references. Nice drawings and a few black and white photographs illustrate the key points. No doubt your fourth edition surgery bible is well worn, so get the new one. You’ll use it for many years."
    Vets Now: Book Review, October 2015