1st Edition

Customer Lifetime Value Reshaping the Way We Manage to Maximize Profits

Edited By David Bejou, Timothy L. Keningham, Lerzan Aksoy Copyright 2006
    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    156 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Get the competitive edge by effectively managing customer lifetime value

    The customer lifetime value (CLV) concept is extensively changing the way today’s business is managed. A student or practitioner needs to understand CLV to best gain the competitive edge in business. Customer Lifetime Value: Reshaping the Way We Manage to Maximize Profits is a text that shows in detail how managers and researchers can best use CLV to a business’s advantage. This valuable resource explores various practical approaches to the measurement and management of customer value that focus on maximizing profitability and growth. Leading thinkers discuss how to leverage CLV in all aspects of business, including customer management, employee management, and firm valuation. Everyone needing to prepare a business for success in the future should read this book.

    Most books on the subject only cover separate components of CLV and are typically limited to targeting for direct response marketing. Customer Lifetime Value presents all components, cohesively putting them together into an understandable functioning whole. This source prepares forward-looking managers and researchers for the inevitable change and provides strategies to gain and sustain the competitive advantage.

    Topics in Customer Lifetime Value include:

    • leveraging the customer database to maximize CLV
    • using CLV in customer segmentation
    • customer divestment
    • using CLV in firm valuation
    • setting up an organization designed to maximize CLV
    • much more!

    Customer Lifetime Value: Reshaping the Way We Manage to Maximize Profits is essential reading for practitioners in the areas of customer satisfaction, loyalty, CRM, and direct response, as well as academics in the service marketing area.

    • How Customer Lifetime Value Is Changing How Business Is Managed (Timothy L. Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, and David Bejou)
    • CLV: The Databased Approach (V. Kumar)
    • Approaches to the Measurement and Management of Customer Value (Timothy L. Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, and David Bejou)
    • Customer Lifetime Value as the Basis of Customer Segmentation: Issues and Challenges (Katherine N. Lemon and Tanya Mark)
    • Customer Divestment (Vikas Mittal and Matthew Sarkees)
    • Customer Lifetime Value and Firm Valuation (Sunil Gupta and Donald R. Lehmann)
    • The Climate for Service: A Review of the Construct with Implications for Achieving CLV Goals (Benjamin Schneider, William H. Macey, and Scott A. Young)
    • The Future of Managing Customers as Assets (Timothy L. Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, and David Bejou)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Bejou David, Keiningham Timothy L., Aksoy Lerzan