1st Edition

Cyber CISO Marksmanship Hitting the Mark in Cybersecurity Leadership

    224 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    224 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Cyber CISO Marksmanship is the only book of its kind authored by multiple highly experienced individuals to collectively bring together the “best of the best” on what works and what doesn’t, as a CISO, in a unique storytelling format. This book is designed for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) individual seeking this role and also has value to other types of cyber leaders. Knowledge and understanding of traditional books can only get you so far - Cyber CISO Marksmanship has powerful perspectives, real-world accounts, and insights you won’t find anywhere else!

    Key features included with Cyber CISO Marksmanship:

    ●      Over a century of CISO experience represented by the authors of this book

    ●      Unique Storytelling Format based upon real-world accounts from leading CISOs

    ●      Sharpshooter perspectives from multiple CISOs for each story

    ●      Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) for quick reference on outcomes for each story

    ●      Sharpshooter icon for what works

    ●      Misfire icon for pitfalls to avoid

    ●      All book owners are invited to participate in online content at CyberCISOMarksmanship.com and face-to-face events

    ●      Book owners who are CISOs qualify to join, for free, a private CISO online community (by CISOs for CISOs)

    While this book is written for CISOs or those desiring to be in that role soon, it is also helpful to other cyber leaders.

    Foreword. Preface. About the Authors. Special Acknowledgements. Acknowledgements. Introduction: What Works in the CISO’s World. Chapter One: Defining the CISO Role. Chapter Two: Leading the Way with Practical Leadership and Governance. Chapter Three: Structuring for Success. Chapter Four: Defending the Enterprise. Chapter Five: Disaster Readiness Planning. Chapter Six: Accelerating Digital Transformation. Index.


    Ken Dunham


    Ken Dunham, CEO of 4D5A Security, has over 30 years of global cyber leadership, including executive leadership in a leading Americas security company, key involvement in two top-rated startups, innovation of responsible disclosure used by Microsoft and others for vulnerability management today, innovation of cyber threat intelligence (CTI), and extensive incident response and counterintelligence experience within F100 and other organizations around the world. Mr. Dunham also innovated groundbreaking training programs integrating new forms of technology and training for the USAF for the U2 spy plane, warthog, and creation of the Predator drone program. Mr. Dunham is the author of seven books, a top-rated website, and the top downloaded antivirus program. He is a recognized global leader within ISSA as an International Distinguished Fellow, authoring multiple books and the ISSA international article of the year, “Troubling Trends of Espionage,” 2015.


    James Johnson


    James Johnson is the CIO and previous CISO of Holland & Hart, the largest legal firm headquartered in the Mountain West.  He has 25 years of IT and cyber executive experience in Fortune 500 companies, where he has led organizations in the government and private sectors.  He spent three years as a cyber security consultant working with e-commerce companies, cities, universities, and airports to improve IT and security processes.  Mr. Johnson developed and implemented a Security Strategic Plan for Denver International Airport.  During his tenure as President and Chairman of the Denver ISSA Board of Directors, the chapter grew to the world’s largest and received the Chapter of the Year Award. He continues to serve ISSA as the Co-Chair of the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC).


    Joseph McComb


    Joe McComb, Ph.D., is the Chief Information Security Officer at Holland & Hart LLP, a position he has served in since August 2021. McComb oversees the firm’s cybersecurity, data privacy, and awareness programs and management. Before joining Holland & Hart, McComb served as the CISO of Ball Aerospace and the Global CISO for Janus Henderson Investors. McComb holds a bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, in biochemistry from the University of Colorado and a master’s and Ph.D. in physical and biological anthropology from the University of Kansas. Over the last 30 years, Joe has released diverse publications, including Education Theory, Anthropology, and Cybersecurity. He holds multiple certifications, including the GSEC, G2700, CISM, CISSP, and the CISA.


    Jason Elrod


    Jason Elrod is the Founder and CEO of Hanging Rose Research, an independent think tank and advisory firm focused on executive leadership and cybersecurity innovation. He has over 30 years of experience in business and cybersecurity leadership across multiple sectors, including healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and information technology services. Mr. Elrod has been a board member, board advisor, lead security executive, and CISO for multiple organizations and institutions. He holds advanced certifications and degrees in information technology and cybersecurity and is a frequent speaker and participant in industry conferences and conversations.