1st Edition

Cyberactivism on the Participatory Web

Edited By Martha McCaughey Copyright 2014
    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    Cyberactivism already has a rich history, but over the past decade the participatory web—with its de-centralized information/media sharing, portability, storage capacity, and user-generated content—has reshaped political and social change. Cyberactivism on the Participatory Web examines the impact of these new technologies on political organizing and protest across the political spectrum, from the Arab Spring to artists to far-right groups. Linking new information and communication technologies to possibilities for solidarity and action—as well as surveillance and control—in a context of global capital flow, war, and environmental crisis, the contributors to this volume provide nuanced analyses of the dramatic transformations in media, citizenship, and social movements taking place today.

    Introduction: Cyberactivism 2.0: Studying Cyberactivism a Decade into the Participatory Web  Martha McCaughey  1. Trust and Internet Activism: From Email to Social Networks  Laura J. Gurak  2. Dark Days: Understanding the Historical Context and the Visual Rhetorics of the SOPA/PIPA Blackout  John Logie  3. The Harry Potter Alliance: Sociotechnical Contexts of Digitally Mediated Activism  Jennifer Terrell  4. Dangerous Places: Social Media at the Convergence of Peoples, Labor, and Environmental Movements  Richard Widick  5. The Arab Spring and Its Social Media Audiences: English and Arabic Twitter Users and Their Networks  Axel Bruns, Tim Highfield, and Jean Burgess  6. Twitter as the People’s Microphone: Emergence of Authorities during Protest Tweeting  Alexander Halavais and Maria Garrido  7. From Crisis Pregnancy Centers to TeenBreaks.com: Anti-Abortion Activism’s Use of Cloaked Websites  Jessie Daniels  8. Art Interrupting Business, Business Interrupting Art: Re(de)fining the Interface Between Business and Society  Constance Kampf  9. Cyberactivism of the Radical Right in Europe and the USA: What, Who, and Why?  Manuela Caiani and Rossella Borri  10. Young Chinese Workers, Contentious Politics, and Cyberactivism in the Global Factory  Dorothy Kidd  11. Women Activists of Occupy Wall Street: Consciousness-Raising and Connective Action in Hybrid Social Movements  Megan Boler and Christina Nitsou  12. Emergent Social Movements in Online Media and States of Crisis: Analyzing the Potential for Resistance and Repression Online  Lee Salter


    Martha McCaughey is Professor of Sociology at Appalachian State University, in Boone, NC, USA. She is the lead editor of Cyberactivism: Online Activism in Theory and Practice (Routledge 2003).