1st Edition

Cytokines of the Lung

By J. Kelley Copyright 1992

    Focusing on all the major cytokine families, this reference book provides coverage of cytokine regulatory processes in the lung and other tissues and comprehensive descriptions of cytokine functions specific to the lung.;Discussing the diverse cytokine-binding proteins and the role of cytokines in tissue injury and repair processes and extracellular matrix regulations, the book supplies information on amino acid structure and gene regulatory sequences, examines the receptor biology of individual cytokines, illustrates cytokine interactions with their cognate receptors and surveys the phenotypic effects of individual cytokines on target cells. With over 2700 literature citations and figures, this book is a resource for pulmonologists, physiologists, immunologists, cell and molecular biologists, environmental toxicologists, oncologists, and graduate-level and medical school students in these disciplines.

    Introduction -- Preface -- Contributors -- Part I MITOGENIC CYTOKINES -- 1. Platelet-Derived Growth Factor /James P. Fabisiak and Jason Kelley -- I. Introduction -- II. Protein Structure -- III. Gene Structure, Organization, and Processing -- IV. PDGF Receptors -- V. Biological Properties of PDGFs -- VI. Cellular Sources of PDGF -- VII. Regulation of PDGF -- VIII. PDGF in Lung Disease -- IX. Conclusions -- References -- 2. Fibroblast Growth Factors /David Moscatelli -- I. Introduction -- IL History of FGFs -- III. Structural Properties -- IV. FGF Receptors -- V. Interaction with Extracellular Matrix -- VI. Biological Properties -- VIL The Role of FGFs in Tumor Formation -- VIII. FGFs in Lung Biology -- References -- 3. Insulin-Like Growth Factors /Alan D. Stiles, Billie M. Moats-Staats, and George Z. Retsch-Bogart -- I. Introduction -- II. IGF Peptides -- III. IGF Genes and Transcripts -- IV. IGF Receptors -- V. IGF-Binding Proteins -- VI. Actions of IGFs -- VIL Role of IGFs in Fetal Growth -- VIII. Role of IGFs in Postnatal Growth -- IX. IGFs and Lung -- X. Summary -- References -- 4. Transforming Growth Factor-,8 /Jason Kelley -- I. Introduction -- II. The TGF-ß Family of Proteins -- III. Biosynthesis of TGF-ß -- IV. Gene Structure of TGF-,Bs -- V. Control of TGF-ß Gene Expression -- VI. Autoinduction of TGF-ß Gene Expression -- VII. Activation of TGF-ß Protein -- VIII. Receptors for TGF-ß -- IX. Signaling Pathways for TGF-ß -- X. TGF-ß as a Mitogen -- XL Antiproliferative Effects of TGF-ß -- XII. TGF-ß and Extracellular Matrix -- XIII. Interactions Between TGF-ß and Other Cytokines -- XIV. TGF-ß and the Immune System -- xv. TGF-ß in Monocyte-Macrophages, Granulocytes, and Mast Cells -- XVI. TGF-ß in Fibroblasts -- XVII. Assays for TGF-ß -- XVIII. TGF-ß in Lung -- XIX. TGF-ß in Remodeling and Fibrosis -- xx. Future Directions -- References -- 5. Transforming Growth Factor-a and Epidermal Growth Factor /David K. Madtes -- I. Introduction -- II. The Growth Factor Pr


    Jason Kelley is Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, and Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit, Medical Center Hospital of \fermont, Burlington. He is the author or coauthor of more than 60 professional papers, reports, and abstracts that reflect his research interests in cytokines and pulmonary disease. Dr. Kelley is a member of the American Society for Cell Biology, the Biochemical Society, the American Thoracic Society, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, among other organizations. He received the A.B. degree (1966) in physics from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the M.D. degree (1972) from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas.