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DMT with Infants, Children, Teens, and Families

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DMT with Infants, Children, Teens and Families provides a detailed overview of all the applications of dance/movement therapy nationally and internationally, from its ancient roots in tribal healing rituals to its current uses in medical settings, schools, and private practice to support families and their children, including those with medical illness, generalized anxiety disorders, sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, trauma, multigenerational trauma, identity issues, and work with immigrants, refugees, people of color and underserviced populations. The international authors contributing chapters to this series include early innovators, established leaders and young professionals bringing new perspectives to working with children and families. These diverse voices build a discussion about the use of dance to heal children using a multi-cultural lens that is sensitive and inclusive, with full awareness of the underlying influences power, privilege, and oppression have on servicing these populations. Each book includes theoretical/methodological and empirical chapters with many vignettes and case studies illustrating DMT in action in addition to discussing the most prominent innovators in the field both historically and currently.

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Dance/Movement Therapy for Infants and Young Children with Medical Illness Treating Somatic and Psychic Distress

Dance/Movement Therapy for Infants and Young Children with Medical Illness: Treating Somatic and Psychic Distress

1st Edition

By Suzi Tortora, Miri Keren
December 30, 2022

This book presents dance/movement therapy as a window into the emotional and internal experience of a baby with a medical illness, within the context of treating the whole family system and using the DC 0-5 as the basis for formulating the clinical situation. This book fills a gap in the ...

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