1st Edition

Dahomey and the Dahomans Being the Journals of Two Missions to the King of Dahomey and Residence at His Capital in the Years 1849 and 1850

    According to Forbes the object of these Journals is "to illustrate the dreadful slave hunts and savages, the annihilations and exterminations consequent on this trade", with the aim of encouraging the British public in its efforts to end slavery.

    INTRODUCTION CHAP. I.Dahomey and its Neighbours CHAP. II.The Dahomans and their Manners THE JOURNALS. Journal of a Mission to the Court of Dahomey in October and November, 1849.PART I. From Whydah to Abomey PART II. Abomey, its Court and its People PART III. Journal during a Sojourn on Shore in Whydah, from February 27th to March 31st, and a Description of Whydah, Reflections on the Slave Trade and the Means for its Repression The Animal Kingdom Religion, &c


    Fredrick E. Forbes