1st Edition

Dairy Science Handbook Vol. 15

Edited By Frank H. Baker Copyright 1983
    540 Pages
    by CRC Press

    541 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This handbook represents advanced technology in a problem-oriented form readily accessible to livestock producers, operators of family farms, managers of agribusinesses, and students of animal agriculture. It includes papers on farm and ranch business management and economics, and animal management.

    A Winrock International Project -- Preface -- A Global View of Animal Agriculture -- A Global Food-Animal Protein System: Pipedream or Possibility? -- Foundation of Civilization: Food -- World Livestock Feed Relationships: Their Meaning to U.S. Agriculture -- World Agriculture in Hostile and Benign Climatic Settings -- The Impacts of Climatic Variabilities on Livestock Production -- General Concepts Affecting Agriculture and the Industry -- Political Challenges For Today's Animal Agriculture -- An Agri-Woman's View of the Politics of Agriculture: National and International Perspectives -- Oregon Women for Agriculture Talk about the Structure of Agriculture -- The Current Status of the Family Farm in American Agriculture -- Livestock Production on New England Family Farms -- Regulation of Agricultural Chemicals, Growth Promotants, and Feed Additives -- Genetics and Selection -- The Value of DHIA to Producers and to the Industry -- Friesian Cattle Strains Comparison: Dairy Performance -- New Zealand Dairy Cattle Breeding Related to Holstein-Friesian Strain Comparison Results and Use of Embryo Transfers for Genetic Improvement -- Dairy Cattle Management by DHI Objectives -- Genetic Indexes Used in Dairy Cow and Sire Selection -- Form and Function of Dairy Cattle -- Physiology, Reproduction, and Management -- Hormonal Regulation of the Estrous Cycle -- Necessary Components for a Successful Heat Detection Program -- Postpartum Reproductive Management of the Diary Cow -- Embryo Manipulations, Test-Tube Fertilization, and Gene Transfer: Looking into the Crystal Ball -- Improving Reproductive Performance in Dairy Herds -- Reproduction Management for Dairy Cattle -- Managing Our Dairy Farms -- Environment, Buildings, and Equipment -- Measuring an Animal's Environment -- Measuring Environmental Stress in Farm Animals -- Livestock Psychology and Handling-Facility Design -- Design of Corrals, Squeeze Chutes, and Dip Vats -- Feeds and Nutrition -- More Economical Milk Production with Computer use in Nutrition and Feeding Management -- Greater Reproductive Performance with Nutrition and Feeding Stratagems -- Reduce Heat Stress in High-Producing Dairy Cows with Feeding and Nutrition Management -- Survive the Cost-Price Squeeze with a Nutrition and Feeding Game Plan -- Supplementing Dairy Cows in the Tropics -- Health, Disease, and Parasites -- Infectious Livestock Diseases: Their Worldwide Toll -- Impact of Animal Diseases in World Trade -- Biology and Control of Insect Pests of Dairy Cattle -- Potential and Actual Economics of a Herd Health Program -- A Health Program for Dairy Cattle -- Achieving a Profitable Calving Interval Through a Reproduction Health and Management Program -- Mastitis and Related Topics -- Somatic Cells: Their Origin and Function and an Interpretation of Their Numbers -- The Effect of Machine Milking on Mastitis in Dairy Cows -- Mastitis Control in Dairy Cows -- The Essential Criteria for the Components of a Milking Machine and for Component Testing -- The Range and Performance of Conventional Milking-Machine Clusters -- Computer Technology -- Agnet: A National Computer System for Cattlemen -- Rancher-Owned Microcomputer Systems: What's Available -- Six Steps for a Cattleman to Take in Buying a Computer -- Direct Delivery of Market Information Through Rancher-Owned Micorcomputers: A Reserch Report -- The Future of the Dairy Industry -- A Glimpse at Dairying in the Year 2000 -- Names and Addresses of the Lectures and Staff -- Other Winrock International Studies Published by Westview Press -- Other Books of Interest from Winrock International*